How Women Can Overcome Four Financial Challenges

For women today, life can be a balancing act between family, career and personal obligations. At the same time, women often face unique challenges when it comes to managing their finances. If... Read more »

Businesses and Tax Identity Theft

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AMA Custom Tile and Carpentry

Dimitri Achkar grew up around his father and uncles, all of whom built cabinets, tables and chairs among other works of custom carpentry. Dimtiri learned at an early age to do everything... Read more »

Business Spotlight: Rivertown Pilates

Rivertown Pilates is a boutique Studio located on Main Street in Tarrytown. Having enjoyed a small expansion and mini remodel in the last six years in business, we cater to students’ individual... Read more »

Business Council Statement on Senate Tax Reform Plan: Elimination of SALT Deduction is Unacceptable

“While The Business Council remains committed to the principles of tax reform, we are deeply dismayed that the Senate’s bill goes even further than the House by completely eliminating State and Local... Read more »

What’s In A Name… Partnership, Professionalism & Performance

For Marcene Hedayati (Lic. RE Principal Broker/Owner) of William Raveis Legends Realty Group the story about how she came to acquire those titles in parentheses, has evolved over time. She had “retired... Read more »

How Women Can Prepare for Healthcare Costs in Retirement Today, for Peace of Mind Tomorrow

In my 31 years as a financial advisor, I have had the privilege of working with clients in all stages and phases of their lives. One constant concern that virtually every client... Read more »
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Business Tax Guide for Realtors (and other entrepreneurs)

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Do You Have a Retirement Plan B?

You may have one or more qualified retirement plans, such as a 401(k) through an employer or an individual retirement account (IRA), but do you have a Plan B? While it’s not... Read more »

Business Spotlight: Your finances in balance. Your life in harmony.

Few things are as reassuring as knowing your finances are in order. Knowing you are on track to achieve your most coveted goals and dreams can bring exceptional peace and calm. No... Read more »