Harckham Releases Taxes, Calls on Astorino to Do the Same

“Hiding information from the public always turns things into a mess—just ask Trump!” New York State Senator Pete Harckham, running for re-election in the 40th Senate District, released a copy of his... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Tracking Absentee Ballots

Thousands of Westchester voters will be casting their ballots for President of the United States, for Congress and State Legislative positions by absentee ballots (mail ballots). With the postal service being very ... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Money Spent on Government Services Pays Dividends

To the Editor: Astorino’s fiscal conservatism may be very popular with those who would rather hoard their money than pay taxes that would benefit themselves well as their fellow citizens, but in... Read more »

Drew Fixell Resigns as Mayor of Tarrytown

As first reported by the Hudson Indpendent, After 15 years in office and with 14 months before the next election, Drew Fixell is stepping down as Mayor of Tarrytown. Fixell tendered his... Read more »

Incumbent Peter Harckham and Opponent Rob Astorino Speak with the River Journal

What was destined to be a contentious fight for the State Senate seat in the 40th District has seen both sides throwing harder rhetorical jabs as the November election looms closer. In... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: In Support of Pete Harckham

To the Editor, I’ll be straight with you. When Pete Harckham announced for the New York Senate in 2018, I had no idea who he was and I did not support his... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: In Support of Peter Harckham

I enthusiastically support Senator Pete Harckham’s reelection to the NY State Senate to represent the 40th District. Senator Harckham is all that you could ask for in a leader. He is kind, genuine, smart, responsive, unafraid and... Read more »

Harckham’s State Grant Helps Croton-on-Hudson Purchase New Eco-Friendly Police Vehicle

New York State Senator Pete Harckham secured $52,500 in state grant funding last spring for the Croton-on-Hudson Police Department, and last week he had an opportunity to see the new eco-friendly patrol... Read more »

Letter to the Editor Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

To the editor: What an exciting time to celebrate…100 years ago women won the right to vote in the United States. Two years ago, I visited Seneca Falls, New York, for a... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Alternative to Mail-In Ballots

Many voters complained during the June primary that they did not receive absentee ballots in a timely manner after they submitted the requests. And, other voters worry that the postal service may... Read more »