Irvington’s Janet Nold

Janet Nold, co-owner of Reno Rivertown Realty is no stranger to Irvington. In 1987 she opened Janet Nold Realty at 79 Main Street in the Village. "I spent 10 wonderful years here," she said at a recent interview.

images"We had fifteen agents and offered a variety of services to people in Irvington and up and down the rivertowns," she added. Eventually, as most successful businesses go, her company was purchased by a larger real estate firm and she moved to Ardsley, where she managed an office for one of the biggest real estate companies in Westchester County. However, she had a desire to return to her roots, and in September of 2003 she joined forces with Renato Rancic, and the two opened Reno Rivertown Realty at 76 Main Street along with Reno Premier Properties at 278 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains. "The name ‘Reno’ came from the first two letters of Renato’s name and the first two of my last name. He is the developer and I oversee every aspect of our sales office. It works out very well," she noted. This month is the company’s 3rd anniversary.

"I consider Reno Rivertown Realty to be a boutique company. By that I mean we offer fine quality and hands-on personal service. We have 8 agents in our Irvington office and these people live in our community," she said. Her personal philosophy is straightforward. "I love helping someone find the home they truly want, and enjoy spreading good news about Irvington as a very desirable place to live. Great restaurants, great parks, an artistic community, and close to one of the greatest cities in the world."

When asked about the current real estate market, Ms. Nold answered, "The market is slowing down in a calm way, as it should. This gives buyers and sellers time to decide what they want to do. Interest rates are still very favorable and the banks are lending money. Real estate is cyclical and people (buyers and sellers) shouldn’t panic," she said.

Janet Nold is convinced that the best investment anyone can have is real estate whether it be a single-family house owner-occupied or a multi-family rental unit. When sales are high it benefits homeowners, when sales take a corrective dip then rental properties are strong and sought after. "Regardless, the market always comes back," she said. In addition to selling homes Reno River Realty offers a relocation network service that can help people move anywhere in the world. "We can help someone relocate from Italy to Irvington and from Irvington to Italy as well." Somehow, Florence sounds quite appealing.

Reno Rivertown Realty can be reached at (914) 591-4600 or online at

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