‘He Always Made Everyone Feel Special’ – A Tribute to John Habib

A memorial to celebrate the amazing life of John Habib will take place at Senasqua, one of his favorite Croton parks, on April 11 from 2pm-4pm.  

I had only known John Habib for just over a year. In that one short year he changed my outlook, business life, and, through his enthusiasm for his hometown of Croton-on-Hudson, he made it wonderful. 

I can only imagine the impact he must have had on those he knew for a lifetime.  

Always upbeat, always optimistic, I would speak to him daily and constantly ask him if he wakes up in this positive, optimistic and energetic mood every day. His reply? “Every day!”  

That energy was contagious, and his love for the village and its small businesses knew no bounds. Together, we formed the Croton Business Council and within this past year, through the pandemic, working in tandem with Laurie Gomez Weisz at CrotonGuides.com, made so many terrific strides for the local businesses in our village, during a time when small businesses needed it the most.  

Statement on the Passing of Village Trustee John L. Habib

As some of you may know, my husband and I own The Tapsmith in Croton, and ever since his sudden passing, the bar has been filled with his family, his friends, his business colleagues, all sharing stories of the amazing, funny, brilliant, generous and kind man that he was.  

John was the kind of guy who left you with a positive impression, always making everyone feel special, always searching for a smile. It wasn’t an act; it was just John being John.  

His authenticity was unparalleled. Our whole community is feeling this tremendous loss.  

Personally, I feel privileged to have known him and to call him and his wonderful wife Tanya my friends. 

Toni Senecal is Chair of Croton Business Council and co-owner with husband Tracy of The Tapsmith in Croton.  


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  1. Toni, I could not agree more. Although John and I attended the same university (he was 2 years behind me at Colgate) and knew each other in passing, once he returned to Croton and became part of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber community, we became friends and I so enjoyed his company. John was upbeat, smiling, positive and a joy to be with. I was shocked and saddened by his sudden passing and will miss his presence in our community

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