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Chris DeCecchis
Chris DeCecchis

DeCecchis Electric has been “Serving All Your Home Electrical Needs” for over 15 years. Owner Chris DeCecchis started the business back in 1993. He grew up in Tarrytown where his parents were brokers for a local real estate company. When his parents renovated their office and called a local electrician, Chris was fascinated at how skillfully the electrical contractor worked with wiring, circuit conductors and outlets to provide lighting and electrical power for the office. Inspired by what he saw, Chris decided to leave college to pursue a career as an electrician. He went to work as an apprentice for a local electrician and began to hone his trade.

He spent time in the classroom, as required, and took some courses in electrical theory and electrical building codes. Six years later he applied for his license and started his own company, DeCecchis Electric. Today, he runs his business out of a 2-family home in Tarrytown. Most, if not all, of his customers are through word-of-mouth and referrals, and Chris prefers it that way. “I try really hard to do the right thing for my customers. I always leave a job feeling proud of what I’ve done. I know I’ll see these people on the local streets.” Chris’s staff is comprised of local guys from Dobbs Ferry, Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown and he feels it’s important to keep it local.  While being a small business owner is tough, Chris says it’s worth it. “I’m very thankful to be here in this town. The people are great, and I respect my competition.” According to Chris, the biggest challege is not the work, it’s the running of the business — trying to grow the business and balance growth with pricing — all while remaining fair… fair to the customer, fair to employees, and fair to himself.  His business, like many others, has suffered a bit since the downfall of the economy. Customer calls have been less frequent and customers are calling only when there is a last minute need. But, DeCecchis Electric is still busy, and Chris has no plans to retire soon. DeCecchis Electric provides free estimates, is fully insured, and is available for all residential and commercial jobs. The office is located at 17 Neperan Road, Tarrytown, NY. Call 914-631-6751 or e-mail

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