Companion Animal Senior and Hospice Care

Beaks, Claws n’ Furry Paws, LLC, an established companion animal sitting and dog walking service, proudly serving the river towns for over 11 years, is pleased to introduce Senior and In Home Hospice Care and consulting to clients in the area. Feel free to contact us for any kind of companion support.

Caring for companion animals in their golden years or nearing end-of-life can be physically and emotionally difficult. Michelle Skroce, owner and caregiver, will work with you and your veterinarian to ensure you and your companion are as comfortable as possible. For the best service possible, it would be ideal for you to live in a senior community that allows pets or if you live at home under professional care you can always contact us any time you need for any assistance with your companion. You can ensure that we’ll take very good care of them.

Please contact Beaks, Claws n’  Furry Paws, LLC at (914) 629-7724 for more information.

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