I admit it! I may have been wrong!

June 23, 2011 · 11:30 am

I have talked plenty about how great my friends and family have been, but I would like to focus on my husband today. Let’s face, we all know that the wife is usually right when it comes to most discussions in a marriage. Especially when it comes to dates, or plans, or well really about most things in general. How often is that you ask your husband “Honey, what day did we have dinner with So and So’s? Cause he is just going to say “i don’t know a week or so ago, maybe!” And I am not going to ask him Where were we when I found those “great pots, that I bought on sale.” Because, frankly, he doesn’t care. “And, if I ask him about clothing or shoes I purchased he looks at me as though I am speaking in a foreign tongue. And mostly, I just accept that if he answers any of these question…thes answers are wrong. THIS GOES DOUBLE FOR DIRECTIONS…and that means driving directions, as well as, following directions to assemble anything.

But as far as my cancer, Scott has just been here for me ever step of the way. He has been supportive, helpful and dare I say sensitive (In a very manly way Honey) to how I am feeling as well as to my emotions. KUDOS to him, because he has made me love him that much more than I did before. But that doesn’t change the fact that when it comes to certain things I am just right more often than he is!

But since I started chemo, I have been “less great” at remembering all the details. And yesterday, my wonderful husband did something I must commend him for. We had a friend over for dinner, and I was excitedly talking about the article coming out about me. Anyway I said the article was coming out today (Thursday June 23). I got this idea because it is a monthly journal. When I looked at last month, the articles all had the date of Thursday, May 19. So I tacked on 4 weeks and that was today. Sound reasoning I thought. Anyway my husband said — “why would it not come out at the beginning of the month, why would it come out on such a random day of the month?” And I emphatically explained my reasoning. “Shocked that he would question my answer.” My friend Wendy enjoyed the back and forth jousting and jesting between Scott and I. (It is often funny to watch – my kids usually get involved in these faux debates…) And yes, I am often the Victor!

But today, I stand riddled at the outcome of yesterday’s events. After googling this simple question “What Day is the River Journal published” the answer appeared and smacked me in the face!” Te River Journal in Tarrytown is published the 1st of every month.” So Like any good addict (mine to being more right than my husband) the only way to overcome your addiction is to start by admitting you are wrong…

So her I go. Scott, I WAS WRONG! There I said it. Phew, I feel so much better for it also….

Wow the power of admitting that has taken a real load off…I do feel better though!

Enjoy today!


Take a look for the article around July 1. In your mailbox or at riverjournalonline.com

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