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David Janes and Team Climb Mt. Washington

On June 29 a small group of amazing individuals from all across the United States came together in solidarity to support research for new medicines to treat multiple myeloma. We also did some hiking!

Known as having some of the world’s worst weather, Mt. Washington is no joke. Over 140 people have died trying to get up the mountain. On the day of our hike the forecast called for thunderstorms and included warnings about violent wind and hail. Summitting the mountain by hiking was unsafe and not possible. But everyone did some other hiking and together we made it to the top via train, which was a powerful journey in and of itself.

Most importantly, though, were the amazing people that came together to try to make a difference for those suffering from multiple myeloma. They included an oncologist who is always seeking new treatments for his patients, a cancer researcher who is part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation network, a woman who lost her husband to the disease and a young man who lost his mother. The group included those like me with close family and friends suffering from the disease and also friends of friends who wanted to provide support. The group also included a survivor who is doing extremely well due to innovative new treatments.

While we were from different parts of the country and had never met, our first dinner seemed as if we were a group of old friends gathering together. It’s hard to explain but I think there is something similar among a group who goes out of their way to fund-raise to support others. There is also a commonality of sharing a cause to battle cancer in all its forms. The group also shared a common sense of humanity, both its beauty and fragility.

Together we shared a weekend and together we raised nearly $60,000 for research for new treatments and medicines for multiple myeloma.

At the top of Mt. Washington I thought of everyone for whom I was doing this event, including all of you back in Westchester and Tarrytown who have read my article and this blog. I know many have some experience with multiple myeloma and others forms of cancer. Remember that there is a whole world of people out there working hard everyday to fight this disease and to improve treatments. Remember that a small group of us were in New Hampshire at the end of June doing what we could to make a difference.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma is a collaboration between CURE Media Group, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and Celgene.

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