Weight Loss Insanity!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

I needed some motivation today and I thought maybe someone else out there could use it also, so I turned to the wisdom of Albert the Einstein. Smart man… good quote… strong message.

Today I’m feeling particularly useless. I have that ‘I’m just sitting here spinning my wheels’ feeling and I don’t like it. (For example, I just spent an hour reading about how I can improve my website traffic with SEO for wordpress tutorials only to find out mere minutes ago that it only can be customizable if you have a wordpress.org account, not a wordpress.com account…. damn! Details! I also found out that Tom Brady’s hair has grown so long that he can now wear it in a ponytail, as shown in a photo of him and Gisele in Rio. I get distracted easily. He’s hot.)

Anyway, in an effort to get me back on track I turned to Einstein—another man who could have worn his hair in a ponytail I assume—for a little inspiration and how right he is. Insanity is indeed doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is true when it comes to starting a business, writing a blog and (here’s where I tie it all into fitness) losing weight!

How many times have you started a new fitness program, all gung-ho and ready to go, only to find yourself weeks (or days) later, mired in the same self-loathing pattern you’ve been trying to break free from for ages, frustrated and convinced that you’ve tried your hardest, done all the right things and the pounds still refuse to budge?

Why bother continuing when you can sit down, eat a krispy kreme donut and feel so much better? After all, there is always next time. There is always another Monday right around the corner that will allow you that “fresh start”. And maybe next time you’ll try your hand at obtaining a gym membership (that eventually sits collecting dust).

In essence, you’re doing the same mind trick over and over again, expecting different results every time. If you’re tired with the same results again and again, you can now try Alpilean pills, check this out online and visit them. This pill would help you while your doing the daily routine workout because this can increase core temperature for much effective results later on. Visit them to learn more!

Don’t you watch the Biggest Loser? Those people suffer from more than obesity, they suffer mentally as well. Their minds have these pre-conceived notions that since they’re fat and have always been that way, that they’re always going to be that way despite the best of intentions they may have. They always approach weight loss with the same mental attitude and ultimately always fail. It takes ‘in your face’ trainers, a 1,000 calorie diet and the humiliation of hanging out all their dirty laundry for America to see for them to make changes. That’s extreme.

Don’t let that be you! So many times I see/train women who are looking to lose weight but don’t. Why is that? My theory is that they approach fitness with the same mentality every time… if I workout consistently,  I’ll lose so much weight. So they work out for an hour three times a week and then get on with their lives, only allowing themselves back into workout mode when I ring their doorbell. There are 168 hours in a week, and you’re working out for three of them… three. Don’t you think more can be done in that much time?

Change your perception, change your approach, and don’t keep attacking weight loss in the same manner because ultimately it’s not going to get you the expected results. If you decide to try cosmetic procedures to achieve your weight loss goals, you may consider Emsculpt Neo in Rancho Cucamonga, CA or a Tummy Tuck in Chicago.

You know what you should be doing, like eating more veggies, drinking less wine, exercising at least 30 minutes a day, being a better example for your children, pulling out of the McDonald’s drive thru lane, but you’re not making the effort to change. You just end up doing the same thing, evensaying the same thing, over and over, all to no avail. Insanity!


I declare today to be make a small change day. Do something different. Eat a carrot, do 10 jumping jacks, eat a Subway sandwich instead of a Big Mac, skip the bag of chips with lunch, eat dinner at the kitchen table instead of in front of the TV, skip the coffee for a day. Small successes build the foundation which lead to bigger successes and it all starts with that first little alteration.

Decide to approach fitness in a whole new way, physically and most importantly, mentally! Make today your Make a Small Change Day!

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