Um, What Is That Thing?

BOSUI’ve uttered those exact words many times in the gym. I’ll see someone pull out a piece of equipment that I though was something the cleaning crew used to reach those high ceilings, when in fact it turns out to be a really cool balance board, or raised platform that’s perfect for explosive jumps. You can learn a lot watching others in the gym, just be aware of who you watch! (Hint: Not the person holding onto the top of the treadmill while walking briskly on an incline. And not the guy wearing the too short shorts and red, white and blue sweatband that’s lifting weights behind his head! Well you can watch, just don’t copy him!)

So one piece of equipment I never knew anything about but now love is the BOSU Balance Trainer. (That’s what’s pictured up there in the corner!) You can do so many great bodyweight exercises on this (meaning you don’t need any free weights, just the weight of your own body) and you can get an intense workout. Try lunges or stepping on and off it quickly. Do bridges and planks and you’ll see how they become much more difficult to perform. If you want to use free weights, try standing bicep curls, you’ll feel your whole body getting in on the workout. Then try lifting a leg, your core will really get activated. You can even flip it over so the “bubble” part is on the bottom. Carefully stand on top of it and try a squat, or do a push-up. The BOSU trainer can take your ordinary workout and really intensify it. It will work on improving your balance and make your workouts even more effective.

Here is a great site that shows you some exercises you can do with the BOSU balance trainer. Try them out next time you’re at the gym!

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