Time to ‘Fess Up… Mountain Climbers Stink!

Alright, honesty time.

I can’t stand doing mountain climbers into a 1 min plank. Can’t. Stand. It. (Which is probably why I haven’t been doing them.) Ugh… there, I’ve said it. Judge me all you want, but this month’s 12 in 12 has gone down the tube and I don’t know if I can (or remotely want to) retrieve it. Let it rot I say. >;-)  (That’s my evil eye emoticon attempt.)

So, alright, I’m not doing so well and for those who look to me for inspiration, well I am coming up short for you to say the least! For that I apologize. Four times. FOUR times… that’s all I could muster up. I don’t know what happened… I’ve lost my desire to punish myself for pursuits I thought were fitting at the beginning of the year I guess (which, mind you, was a mere six weeks ago!) MY, how the tides of motivation have changed! I’m soooooo disappointed. I was all gung-ho and this was going to be the year I tried new things and now look at me. I’ve already thrown in the towel. Hasta la vista baby, I’m outtie! (Oh what a shame, what a shame indeed.)

Looking back on my four times I do have to admit though that afterwards I actually felt a little surplus of energy; a little pep in my step, which I thought quite odd; how can something so annoying end up making me feel pretty good? Which is all the more reason I should be doing it everyday! Oh.. you know what this means don’t you? This ridiculous confession of mine is actually going to end up being the thing that gets me back into it. (This really wasn’t my intention when I set out to write this blog. I was just going to confess, apologize to anyone who cared and move on from it and hope next month I do better… which I doubt since I have 20 push ups a day going on there… that sucks.) I realize, however, that I now have to get back on that bandwagon. I can’t be one of those people who attempts to motivate others while I end up sitting on my bum, popping bon bons til the cows come home – which will end up being me and my fat bum! I don’t want to be like those people who were so motivated at the beginning of the year that they set themselves up with a full gym membership and now use their plastic gym card as a bookmarker. There’s still 14 days left in the month and if I’m going to get through this YEAR doing something new each month, I can’t be quitting 5 days into it. Right? I know, I know.

Well I guess it’s all said and done now… so here I go, getting back in the saddle. Again. All this venting has actually helped me to refocus and recharge my batteries, so I thank you for listening. (See, sometimes all we need is a sounding board to get us back on tract. It’s like having a friend that will listen to you without responding. They just sit there, quietly, and let you talk and rant and vent without judgement. Eventually you talk yourself right out of your problem and into a solution. It’s good to have friends like that.)

So here I go, sucking it up and continuing on my 12 in 12 journey.

Anyone else ever get stuck in a motivational-less rut? (C’MON… I KNOW there are others out there… don’t be afraid, I won’t judge!)


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