The Galley Kitchen Workout

Galley kitchenIt’s Tuesday already? Where does the time go? I have nothing prepared for today’s blog (I know you’re all so disappointed!) but I do have a quick story with a little point so let me share that.

Last week I had about 30 minutes to spare before picking up the little guy at my parents so I decided to workout at home instead of going to the gym or doing a quick run. Now I live in one of those old pre-war buildings that creak when you sneeze, so as to avoid pissing off my neighbor below me, the only place in the apartment with floors that don’t creak are in the kitchen.

So there I am in my little galley kitchen making it work. I did 6 moves with 30 second cardio bursts peppered in between each exercise. With my heart rate monitor on I was able to get my heart rate up to its max by doing these 6 moves with the cardio bursts without stopping. It was intense. I wanted to pretty much puke when I was done (not the desired effect you’re looking for but sometimes I don’t know when to take it easy. The feeling passed eventually so I had that going for me!). I went through the circuit twice stopping only once in-between circuits and it took me 19 minutes total. Perfect!

Here’s what I did:

Squats with a twist on top (holding a 7 lb medicine ball)

Jumping jacks

Reverse lunge with a front kick (holding the medicine ball)

Jump rope

Shoulder presses with tube

Cross jabs

Tricep dips

Butt kicks

Side squats with rotation at top (holding that 7 lb med ball again)

Front kicks

X plank (this is where you hold a full plank and then raise up your left arm for 2 counts, lower and raise right leg for 2 counts and repeat with other limbs. 4 raises is 1 rep, and I did 8 reps)

30 sec plank hold

(Those in italics are the cardio bursts)

So my point with this little story: you can workout in your galley kitchen in under 19 minutes if you push yourself. Try it next time you’re making dinner 😉

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