Still Unpacking… And Still Eating Dessert!

DessertI am knee-deep in moving boxes, laundry, onsies, footsies and blankets! My lord there is a lot that comes with a baby! One little thing, so many big items. Is this what our cave women ancestors had to deal with? Although I would imagine that instead of boxes they had to deal with moving oversized rocks and cradles crafted out of trees and fig leaf diapers. If we had to deal with that today… life would be so much simpler! Not easier, but indeed less wasteful. (I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve thrown out just between the packaging of many of these baby items! It’s crazy.) Anyway, I’m certainly not green enough to go off on a corporate America/government rampage… although this move did make me look into household alternatives, but that’s for another blog for another site!

So I’ve been more than preoccupied in the last week… I’ve been downright overwhelmed! But I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Although that freaks me out too because that little light is actually going to be a little baby with big cries that’s looking to me like Bugs Bunny did to his ill-fated companion he was stranded with on a desert island who turned into a big, fat juicy hamburger right before Bug’s bulging eyes. Yup… that’s gonna be me!) But I’m up for the challenge so let’s do this. I’m ready for this beach ball belly to disappear and for the ability to pick up items off the floor with relative ease to return to me! (It’s really the little things you miss when preggers!) And also the ability to get in a really good heart-pumping workout complete with dripping sweat. It’s amazing how much I miss that endorphin rush and how, without it, I’ve been a much crankier, overwhelmed individual. Exercise is the magic pill and without it, it can really mess one up, like it has me.

Anyway, today I was just checking in, no real message or fitness tip to convey. Although I did come across a nice little list of 6 guilt-free desserts you could peruse over. (This baby has turned my sweet-tooth into something of a sweet-monger so I’m all about guilt-free sweets!) Check it out here, and let me know what you think, or if you have any guilt-free desserts of your own!

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