Pregnancy: It’s Not All Cupcakes and Pickles!

Red velvet cupcakesSo I’ve decided to break the news to the world-wide blogosphere that I am one prego lass (14 weeks!) and I have succumbed to the crave on more than one occasion. Many occasions. But I have to. Otherwise I’ll hurt someone. I don’t want to hurt my husband. I just want him to get me a cupcake from the cutesy little cupcake shop in town when I want one. Is that so bad?

Alright, so maybe it is but the red velvets are sooooooo moist, how do they do that? I can’t shove them down my throat fast enough! (I will admit though, when there are none available, I’ll take a chocolate one, no problem!)


But then I remind myself that even though I am eating for two and I may have some new, crazy cravings driving me to the brink of insanity as my hormones insist that I can’t go another second without a serving of New York Super Fudge Chunk with M&M’s on top, or a bucket of relish on top of a foot-long bratwurst (I’m sure that’s a natural craving somewhere…) I do have to be mindful of the increasing fat cells I’m creating around my waistline, which actually is filling up little by little that soon I’ll forget where it was. But it’s there and I know I’d love to have it back post-watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon-delivery, so I have to try to keep these new cravings to a minimum.

But hoooooow? Once you’re pregnant it’s a whole new ballgame. No wine, no cured meats (can I tell you how difficult it was to be in Italy being newly blessed by the baby gods?) Oh the amounts of wine and prosciutto I missed out on… I was planning on being drunk and filled with salty meats till my fingers swelled like sausages the whole trip. Instead I was well-hydrated and properly rested by my daily naps!

Anyway, I’m not really sure where I’m going with all this today (apparently this is called pregnancy brain. I’m not hating it.) Ah, cupcakes and pickles. Allow yourself the opportunity to indulge at times, but do remember that eating for two actually means adding only an additional 300 calories to your day. (Which is about half a cupcake!)

And if you’re exercising, add another 150-200 calories, so roughly an additional 500 a day. So easy to do without even realizing. Healthy weight gain should be your goal throughout your pregnancy. Not weight loss!

So my point today, as I will have many in the upcoming weeks dealing with pregnancy, is to watch your increase in calories, keep the cravings to a minimum and the rest of the time try your best to eat healthy.

And I will limit my cupcake consumption! I’ll try 😉

Anne Marie Costanzo is a nationally certified personal trainer and owner of Little Black Dress Personal Training. She can be reached at or (914) 841-1121.


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