Moving Day, Post-Pregnancy Goals and Visualization Tactics


There is nothing like sitting back amongst boxes of junk/life possessions when you’re 37 weeks prego and feeling like your bottom is about to drop out from under you. It’s moving day for us and our apartment is completely littered about with boxes and newspapers and the walls look as if the Grinch just snuck in and left nothing but some hooks and wires hanging from the walls. We are now waiting for the moving services company to arrive and pick up our belongings.

As I sit here with the weight of what feels like a 10 pound medicine ball lodged in my abdomen, I realize that I’m at a complete loss as to what I can write about that has anything to do with fitness. I can’t event THINK about exercising at this moment. About all I’m managing at the moment is walking… which is usually to the nearest bathroom and then back again to my favorite seated spot in front of the TV indulging in really bad reality TV… Housewives of OC, can you stand it because I can’t… nor can I look away. (Bethenny Ever After though… that’s a whole different story. “Nick’s Creepy Crawl”… c’mon, she has the best soundbites! We’ve already established I have a girl crush on Bethenny so don’t judge.)

So this all-encompassing laziness I’m experiencing has me daydreaming about the time when I can stop being an incubator for the little one and regain control over my bodily functions. There are so many things I want to do that I have this little list growing which I’ll share with you. Maybe we all have little lists of what we would like to accomplish but aren’t sure how to get the wheels turning. I always feel the best way to get started with anything is to jot it down. Seeing you thoughts and goals in writing really do go a long way in creating success for you. There is just something about seeing it that helps make it a reality.

So here goes, my little fitness list of things I’d like to accomplish once I get my body back. (And please, no negative nelly comments on how it’ll be a looooooooong time until I’ll be able to carve out some ‘me-time’ much less ‘workout-time’ once the baby arrives. I get it. I’m still jotting down my goals anyway and you can’t stop me!)

• Place forehead on the ground. (Sounds weird but at least I’m specific.) This goal has to do with flexibility and the lack thereof that I possess. Let me just tell you how tight my hamstrings are: “My hamstrings are really tight”, that’s how tight. There was a time, albeit many moons ago when I was practicing jujitsu (that’s right, I’m a yellow belt—granted it’s only a level up from ‘wax on wax off’ but hey, the next level involved sparring with others and all sorts of funny gear you had to wear… wasn’t happening!) that I used to be able to sit on the floor, legs spread wide and lean forward and place my forehead on the floor. Now I’m lucky if I can move my torso 25 degrees forward in such a position. Bad hamstrings. They need to be loosened up and stretched (just like my ab muscles are at this moment! Ugh.)

Number 2 goal:

• Reel in my abs so they’re not flapping in breeze along with my soon to be deflated boobs. Do I really need to explain this one? I didn’t think so. Lots of planks and some super awesome supportive bras!

So there they are, my goals, post-baby birth. I know it’s not a litany of goals but that’s what makes them achievable and completely doable. They are my baby-steps to regaining my pre-prego body in small, manageable chunks.

What are your goals? Any baby-steps you’re working on?

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