Just When You Think You’re Pretty Smart

Back to schoolBoy oh boy… am I an idiot!

This was my first thought last Thursday morning after listening to Paul Chek for say about uuummm… three minutes. My second thought was “Is it too late to become an interior designer?” (Which is precisely what I really wanted to be when I was about five. How it was all so clear to me then—sigh.) Anyway, it is too late and I’m already too committed to being the best personal trainer I can be so therefore my third thought was, “Sh*t, this is gonna cost me!” Of course there is more education to be had (silly me!), and more reasons to discover why bad backs are so freaking prevalent, why changing shoes isn’t the answer, why running, albeit therapeutic, just isn’t for everyone (dangerous in fact), why caffeine mixing with estrogen ain’t good for the inner workings of the body (read toxic), why tight sports bras can lead to suffocation of the lymphatic system, thus making you more susceptible to illness, why… oh Lord, I could go on.

Are you catching my drift here?

So my journey begins right now. Starting next week (or as soon as Mr. FedEx delivers my DVD’s and manuals and whatever other educational devices I am to receive in order to become more intelligent) I will be working towards becoming a CHEK Exercise Coach. And if all goes smoothly, in two to three years I’ll be a Level 4 CHEK Practitioner, the highest level there is.

Whoo-hoo. More school for a few years. (Seriously? Didn’t I just have a baby? Doesn’t that buy me some more “I have no time” time?). Ah well, you either get busy living or get busy dying! (Where is that line from?? I’ve been repeating it in my head all day and I know it’s from some movie but I can’t for the life of me remember which one! Anyone? Beuller?—I know it’s not from that movie.)

Now, I did say that I would report back to any and all interested parties on how to functionally condition the core region of the body but I got to be honest with you… I was so overwhelmed and inundated with information that I need to go back and sift through it all. (I seriously don’t know how this guy walks around with all that knowledge and is able to live a relatively normal life—as far as I can tell—and be socially agreeable, albeit a little on the wacky yet funny side, and not tip over from all that filled up brain matter. His brain must literally be overflowing with information because the way he rattles off reasons of how and why a shoulder impingement might actually be a symptom of an organ on its last limbs, ready to explode in your body, is amazing. Big words and all. Just rattles it off like it’s common knowledge. Like we’re talking about the last episode of American Idol. It’s scary.)

That being said, I don’t have anything for you today. I’m sorry. I know you were counting on it. (Rrrrrrrrrrrright ;)) I can tell you this though… there are four doctors Paul Chek says are the only four doctors that you’ll ever need and they are: Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Happiness. (And if you ever happen to google Paul Chek and come across some YouTube videos… he may seem a bit cooky, but he’s on the mark and makes some good points! Take a listen.)

And there you have it, my day with Paul. He made me feel like an idiot. Way to go Paul. (pssst… thank you!)

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