Jump To It!

Have I got an easy way on how to get in more cardio all figured out for you! It’s so simple and can be done anywhere and involves one little piece of equipment that may run you about $9.99.

You can do this in your living room, in your driveway, parking lot (if you’re in an apartment building), garage, while you’re away on vacation… absolutely anywhere.

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour just by doing it and you’ll be working every major and minor muscle in your body while increasing your cardiovascular endurance, agility, coordination and balance.

However, it is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it advisable for people with knee replacements, new shiny hips and/or arthritis. It’s high-impact and intense, but so worth the time and energy for those who can tolerate it. Alright, enough nonsense and fabricated anticipation (besides, that dreamboat to the left totally gives it away!) What I’m telling you to do is to jump rope. Rocky did it, I’m sure Arnold did it a lot, maybe even Jeter and A-Rod do it.

It’s not easy though and it takes a good amount of energy to go for an hour, much less 30 minutes. You’ll have to work your way up, but even 15 minutes is going to give you great results in no time. People are always telling me that they don’t have the time to exercise, or the proper equipment. Really? You can’t spare 15 minutes? You don’t have 15 minutes? REALLY?

You do.

And you especially do if you plan it into your day. (SMART goals… remember my rant on that one just a few days ago?) You can make the time. Remember when you were in school and you had homework? No one in their right mind likes homework, but you knew you had to do it, that you could get something out of it like an education, and so you made an effort to do it even though there were about 50 other things you could have spent your time doing instead.

Exercise = homework. It sucks but you do it.

Ok, I digress.

Jump rope. It’s a great form of cheap cardio and more effective than most other forms. Plus, it can be fun. Especially if you get in the rhythmic sync of the tappity-tap-tap going on. It could be therapeutic. Try it out and I’m pretty certain you’ll be impressed by how difficult it is, yet how rewarding it can be.

Note of Caution: You’re probably going to mess up a lot in the beginning and not be able to get into a rhythm at first but don’t toss your rope away just yet, or find a better use for it like a clothesline. You’re going to have to practice, and practice some more, and then even more until you can get into a good rhythm and up to a good speed. Keep at it and stay positive. It’s like anything else in life.

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