I’m Starting to Understand the Whole “But I Haven’t Got Time” Thing…

crying babyAnd the “I have no energy” one, the “I’m just pooped at the end of the day” one, and the “I have a headache dear” one ;).

Life, and excuses, are piling up on me faster than I can brush them off. Even finding time to jot down my thoughts on this blog once a week proves to be challenging as my little creature seems to have that sixth sense which I’m learning is, “Mom is sitting on the job, must alert to her that this is not acceptable.” Thus ensuing outburst of screams, whines, and coo’s pull me away from the computer screen. Ah well. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy this time because it flies by, which leads me to ask… Really?

So as I’m learning to juggle things (literally because if he isn’t sleeping, I’m holding him)…

Case in point: I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to calm him down. He had that “you’re on the computer” wail going that I was only able to quiet after shoving the boob in his face. Food coma is a wonderful thing.

So I get it. There is nary a moment to do anything besides keep all eyes focused on baby and there is nary an ounce of energy to hit the gym when daddy finally comes home. But… you knew there’d be a but… one of the most important things you can do (beside making sure baby survives another day) is to take care of yourself. That’s why, at any hectic stage in life, we have to remember that even the smallest of efforts help. So do 10 minutes of squats, lunges and jumping jacks here and there throughout your day. Use the stairs when possible and taking baby for walks are all good energy builders, and endorphin boosters (because Lord knows, a boost in happy hormones is essential in all mommies!).

It’s at times like these when a little can go a long way. So don’t throw in the towel and say when baby is so many months older I’ll get back into the swing of things; don’t do it, it’s a mental trap and you’ll feel like your mountain is just that much higher and that much more intimidating once you decide to finally face it. Keep getting it in here and there and it will make a difference.

My plan: getting in 20 minutes at the gym once daddy gets home. Either that or down a bottle of wine 😉 I’m KIDDING! (That’s for after the gym ;))

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