Eat This and Forget the ‘Not That’ Part…

KiwiKiwi, the underestimated power of this little tiny piece of fruit may shock and awe you. Or not. Whatever the reaction, this is one piece of fruit that you shouldn’t avoid… even if you don’t like it. (How can you not like kiwi?)

You think your orange juice there has a ton of vitamin C that it’s a must for you each and every morning to down a cup? (I used to do that, thinking I was being all healthy and regal. “I had my glass of orange juice this morning and you’re drinking caffeine-rich, sugar laden coffee… who’s the winner here?” I would say. By the way, the pulp-less variety was my fancy. Apparently I used to like sugar too… a lot.)

Oranges, in juice or whole form, now pale in comparison to the kiwi since kiwi’s have TWICE the vitamin C punch that oranges have. That’s right, I said twice. (Plus, no more orange peel stuck under your fingernails or unwelcomed squirting in the eye of what feels like acid when it gets ya.)

They also… yes, there’s more… contain a decent amount of magnesium AND, by eating two you’re getting about 5 g of fiber. (Aren’t we always hearing about how we need more fiber in our diets? Yup.)

In addition, and here’s the kicker, they have also been found to help against cellular damage, meaning they help reduce oxidative stress which is damage from free radicals which in turn means… they could prevent wrinkles!! (Well I added the wrinkles part but when I hear ‘oxidative’ and ‘free radicals’, all of a sudden I feel like I’m sitting in front of an Avon lady who’s trying to sell me undereye cream and these are the keywords she keeps repeating to me. Right? Can’t you just hear it?)

Anyway. So go ahead and add a few of these little emerald gems to your diet and you’ll be that much healthier!

Oh, and by the way, the Environmental Working Group put kiwi’s on its 2003 list of foods least contaminated with pesticides. Kudos to Kiwi’s.

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