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PositivityTo be successful in anything you have to think success. You have to eat it, breathe it, shower in it and indulge in it. You need to stay present and understand that any little itty bitty piece of negativity you let in has the potential to completely derail you. Once you understand that it will be so much easier to dispel those negative thoughts before your overactive mind and defensive ego have the chance to take hold of that negative thought and completely run amuck with it.

I’ve been practicing this ability to think positively since I’ve realized that the many times when I stop to think about how I’m feeling about a certain thing, it usually turns out to be a negative thought. Example of a negative thought: “I have to go to the grocery store today. (Thought starts out ok.) I sure hope some a**hole doesn’t piss me off in that a**backwards parking lot.” (And thought immediately takes a turn to the dark side. Did you see how fast that happened? Too fast for me to even notice. To be fair though, the parking lot is really set up in such a moronic fashion that people tend to exploit by their bad driving. Regardless, I let it bother me and I shouldn’t!)

There are plenty of other negative thoughts that enter into my brain during the day, some having to do with exercise, others having to do with daily living. I realize however, that if I don’t start getting a handle on things, I’m going to end up this wrinkly, scrunched up old lady with severe arthritis because I have all this negative mojo coursing through my veins.

I also hear a lot of this negative banter coming from friends/family/clients. They don’t feel happy with their bodies, they want to be losing weight faster, or they feel they’re never going to reach their goals so they occasionally (which I doubt the word “occasionally” is accurate here… it’s probably more like “everyday”) reach for a sugary treat, a decadent piece of dessert or a frozen, processed, full of sodium dinner. It’s these little negative thoughts and these random acts of indulgence that lead to small little failures that lead to derailment and frustration. Something has got to give!

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then I challenge you to start your day off right over the next few days by proclaiming to yourself that you’re going to be successful in your weight loss efforts (or with anything that you want to be successful in). I’ve taken the liberty of picking out two quotes that you can say to yourself that come from Tony Robbins (I know, a total predictable and cheesy pick of an inspirational speaker on my part but what can I say.. I’m a sucker for a Tony quote). Repeat these to yourself throughout the day or only when you feel that negativity is banging on your front door and wants in badly. Dissolve those moments with these or other inspiring words:

Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.

We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.

See how you feel after repeating positive mantras to yourself and realize that you have the power within yourself to create a positive change in your life. It probably won’t happen overnight and you’ll have to keep at it, but remember that you didn’t get to this point in your life by an overnight occurrence either; it takes time to make a positive change so keep at it, it will slowly bring about success.

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