A Famous Fitness Trainer and Her Own Image Issues

Jillian MichaelsClearly I’m a little late to the party but I’m sure a lot of others are also. I mean, it’s not like Jillian Michales is a celeb-extraoidinaire. (I bectha my sisters just thought “Who’s Jillian what’s-her-name anyway and why should I care about her?”) Well none of us should care what celebrities do one way or another or let it affect decisions we make in our own lives, it’s just their special ability to make comments that end up making news which is the fascinating part.

Anyway, so last week I read a little article stating that Jillian was leaving¬†The Biggest Loser to take time off to have a baby. The thing that got me, which is what has already been documented, even in the NY Times earlier this year (thus being late to the party), is that she’s going to adopt. Nothing wrong with that at all, I respect that very much… however it’s her reason I’m not so hot about.

If you’ve ever worked out to a Jillian DVD, she’ll boldly tell you that she’s TV’s toughest trainer. (Props to you Jillian, I believe it with some of those workouts.) But now, TV’s toughest trainer doesn’t want to jeopardize all her hard work and give up her rock hard abs due to pregnancy.

Ugh. C’mon Jillian… seriously?

She states that she “can’t handle doing that to my body”. But Jillian… you said it yourself, you’re TV’s toughest trainer. How can the toughest trainer back down from one of the biggest challenges women face: getting back their pre-pregnancy body? (Well that’s just one of the many new challenges I’m sure. Sleepless nights, leaky boobs, poopy diapers… just can’t wait.) Don’t you want to show them that it can be done… don’t you want to inspire women… don’t you want to promote a healthy body after pregnancy. You help people feel good about themselves and promote mental well-being by helping them to be comfortable in their own skin. You coach others on their own body image issues. Is this not your own body image issue that you’ve just publicly owned up to?

Maybe I’m just a tad too hormonal at the moment (these episodes just sneak up on you!) But in all honesty, I do have to admit that I’m a little taken aback by her reasoning and her own self-esteem issues. (I know we all have ’em and I’m sympathetic, but if you’re touting yourself as a tough as nails trainer, then I expect a little more.) I thought of all celebs, she’d have the least issue about being pregnant, even wear it well and be back in shape in no time. But alas, I was wrong. (Don’t tell my husband, he thinks I’m always right ;))

So Jillian, I wish you well throughout the adoption process and best of luck on entering into the new world of motherhood. As far as being TV’s toughest trainer though, you just got knocked down a few notches in my book. But I’ll probably still do your DVD every now and then so we’re good. (I’m sure you’ll sleep better at night knowing that!)

Does this mean the title of TV’s toughest trainer is now up for grabs?

If I get back my pre-pregnancy body, then can I declare myself Westchester’s toughest trainer?

Anne Marie Costanzo is a nationally certified personal trainer. If you have any fitness and health questions for her, please contact her at am@littleblackdresspt.com or (914) 841-1121.

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