A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Fit

Think Big. Dream Big.There are a lot of people out there who watch The Biggest Loser and finally this season I decided to give it a look-see to gain some insight as to what it’s really all about. Well, pretty simply, it’s about obese individuals competing to lose the most weight and being crowned The Biggest Loser. And wow, do these people have an enormous mountain to climb when they first start out.

They’re all very overweight with very limited mobility, strength and flexibility; and pretty much each one of them is the perfect candidate for diabetes, coronary heart disease and just a slew of other awful illnesses. They’re in bad shape. Real bad shape. That’s why it’s so inspiring to watch these people slowly overcome their fears and push themselves to their highest potential and then some, all the while in front of millions of viewers. (No way could you get me in front of the camera, exposing all my vulnerabilities to a worldwide audience. I give credit to these individuals.) They’ve finally had it with their old, unhealthy habits and are ready for a change. And changes they be making!

These ‘biggest losers’ should be an inspiration to everyone looking to lose weight and not knowing where to begin. No matter where you come from, what your old habits were, and how big that mountain is that you have to climb, you can do it. You just need to believe in yourself, and get your rear in gear. That’s why I’ve decided to officially declare May as the Get Your Rear in Gear month. No longer is May the month of pretty flowers, warmer weather and the start of summer weekends; this is going to be the bootcamp of all months. This will be the month that you firmly make a commitment to yourself that you’ll become stronger and healthier.

For the next four weeks, starting next week, I want everyone who isn’t currently working out regularly to start reorganizing their priorities and plan on getting some quality fitness time in each day. (Of course you should always consult your doctor before beginning a workout program, so once you’ve done that it’s time to get it on.) How many of you want to lose four to 10 pounds in the month of Get Your Rear in Gear? (Reminder: That would be the month of May.) I know a lot of hands just went up! Well you can if you put your mind to it. Make a promise to yourself that you can and will do this, because you know without a doubt that you’re worth it!

Here’s the plan:

  1. Start keeping a detailed food journal, writing down everything you eat and at what times you eat.
  2. Get in at least 15 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise each day. (Yes, every single day. And no sissy stuff either. Jogging or running, no walking.)
  3. Visualize your goals and every morning reaffirm your goals by saying them over and over in your mind. Also, write them down.

And that’s it. It’s that simple. Much more simple than life on The Biggest Loser ranch. However, if you have the hours to spend working out and you’re with a certified trainer like those on the show, then commit to pushing yourself even harder. And don’t forget to tell your trainer that it’s Get Your Rear in Gear month, which means it’s the one month that you’re not canceling no matter what, you’re not making any excuses and you’re going to work yourself so hard that all that will be left of you is a racing heart and a pile of sweat. They’re going to love hearing that, I guarantee it!

So make a pledge to get your rear in gear this month and expect to be at least four pounds lighter within four weeks! (Just in time for that two-piece.)

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