3 Things You Should Pack to Keep You on Track

SuitcaseSummer is here and along with it are long weekend trips and family vacations! Time to pack your bags and head on out for a little beach, some sun, laughs and big time BBQ’s! But, in all that to-be-had fun, one must not forget that fitness can be taken with you instead of being hung up in the closet with the those old winter sweaters. I’m here to make sure that you don’t leave home without packing your fitness must-haves that will help to make sure you don’t sabotage all the hard work you’ve done in getting your body bikini ready! (You may hate me now for guilting you into packing these items, but you’ll be thanking me when you get home… I hope!)

1. Resistance bands. One of the easiest things to toss right into your suitcase and the most versatile piece of equipment that you can take along with you. You can do chest presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions; any free weight exercise that you perform can be performed with the resistance bands. Plus, they’re inexpensive and add no additional weight to your suitcase.

2. Jump rope. What a great way to fit cardio in with your resistance training; and they take up practically no room at all. Do two resistance moves (with your bands) and then throw in 90 seconds of jumping rope to increase your caloric burn for one circuit. Repeat until you have done at least three circuits and you’ve got yourself a great workout that will keep you looking fabulous in that cute little sundress.

3. Sneakers or sand shoes good for running. What better place to run than on the beach! Get up early and experience the sunrise while getting a good workout in, it will get your day started off right!

With all the planning and preparations that go into getting ready for a vacation, it’s important to remember to pack items that will help you to keep up your fitness routine. This way, when you get back from your fun in the sun, you’re not overwhelmed or feeling guilty for the time you spent away from the gym. These three small and easy-to-travel pieces of fitness equipment can keep you in shape and on track for the summer!

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