What’s This?

Original digital illustration © 2020 by Julia Flieger

Yes, we suspect that was the first thing that popped into your head when you came across River Journal North for the first time: what is this?

We hope this is something that becomes many things to many people. A trusted resource for enlightenment on a variety of local topics and issues; a place where merchants of goods and services can “meet and greet” customers both new and current; a Baedeker guide to what’s happening in your backyard; a source of diversion and amusement; a village green of civil discourse… you get the  idea.

More specifically, this is a new monthly publication called River Journal North (but we’re all friends, so feel free to call us RJN). Rather than get bogged down in the details right now, we refer you to a self-serving article on page 22 in the print edition that delivers the 411.


If we had only three words to sum up what this really is about, those three would be Commitment to Community. It’s written all over our face, in the form of our cover message, Only Good Things to Come.

That’s what we’re talking ‘bout! Pushing back against the fraught times in which we live, we’re committed to tamping down the noise and nonsense, while amping up the nuance and common sense.

As part of our Commitment to Community, we asked Sherry Mayo, director of Center for the Digital Arts at the Peekskill Extension Center of Westchester Community College, if we could get a gander at some student work that might make cool cover art. The one we chose, by Julia Flieger (who studied under Gerry Katzban), jumped right out with its elegant aura of hope and kindness.

Only Good Things to Come.

That’s where we’re coming from, and that’s where we’re going. We’re glad you’re along for the ride. Because you’re the driver. Just tell us where you want to go and we’ll do our best to get you there. RJN is your new GPS.

Bruce Apar is Editor + Associate Publisher of River Journal North.

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