Friends Group Rescues Vital Aqueduct Machinery from Oblivion

Transport yourself back in time at the Old Croton Aqueduct State Historic Park as a remarkable 125-year-old piece of machinery makes its grand debut. Nestled at the Keeper’s House at […] Read more »

Journaling: Resolve 

We tend to think of resolutions as reaching beyond the everyday inertia of static behavior that holds us back, even though we know we should be changing for the better. […] Read more »

How EdD Graduates are Leading the Way in School Improvement Initiatives

A Doctorate of Education in Leadership (EdD) program is meticulously designed for aspiring leaders who seek to lead strategically and ethically while creating meaningful change. This program helps to build […] Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating College Life: Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Success

Navigating college life can be a thrilling yet challenging experience. With a new environment, more responsibilities, and the pressure to succeed, it’s essential to be equipped with the right strategies. […] Read more »

Journaling: Vote Your Conscience

Endorsing candidates running for public office used to be a standard practice in the media, notably by local newspapers. The trend in recent years, though, is that fewer and fewer […] Read more »

Stay Warm this Winter with an iHood Heated Jacket

iHood heated jackets are a popular choice for people who want to stay warm in cold weather. They are available in a variety of styles, including vests and jackets, and […] Read more »

Journaling: Editor’s Sampler

I’m sure most of you more (ahem!) mature readers recall Whitman’s Sampler, which is what our fictional fllm friend Forrest Gump was referring to when he uttered the famous epigram […] Read more »

Journaling: Now You Zee It, Now You Don’t 

Every so often I eavesdrop on a couple of locals whom I call Mom and Pop Culture. Let’s hear what they have to say about a certain bridge…   POP: […] Read more »

Hiking The Highlands

Story and Photos by Larry Epstein  If you’re looking for something to do that’s fun, scenic, and healthy this summer or fall, take a hike — literally!    One of the […] Read more »

Journaling: Culture Vultures

“Wouldn’t it be nice to live in paradise, where we’re free to be exactly who we are, living in a Rainbowland, where you and I go hand in hand. Oh, […] Read more »