Road to College: Guide to 2020 

On the road to college, we use milestones to determine what we have accomplished, and what is to come. As we round the new year into February, parents and students can think... Read more »

A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia – Chapter 8: Shake Your Booty!  

As I recall my early workout days, I’m overcome with feelings of pride and shame – pride in my dedication to maintaining a healthy, trim physique, and utter shame in what I... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom: Taking the Stress Out of Taking the Test 

Between mid-year teachers’ assessments and AIMS Web standardized tests, January was a blur. Just before spring break comes the New York State ELA test and just after that, math. While educators tell... Read more »

Trail & Tunnel Notes . . . From the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct: John James Robertson Croes

As history would have it, some designers are broadly associated with their works, like Frederick Law Olmsted with Central Park or John B. Jervis with the Old Croton Aqueduct. John James Robertson Croes was not one of those,... Read more »

Road to College: Holiday Edition 

On the Road to College, we must occasionally take stock of what we have, appreciate who we are with, and look back with pride on what we have accomplished as educators, parents,... Read more »

A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia – Chapter 7: (In a) Home for the Holidays

Remember, during your home search, how you envisioned hosting the holidays in each and every kitchen and dining room you toured? How you couldn’t wait to break free from your cramped city apartment so you could... Read more »

Trail & Tunnel Notes … From the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct 

I grew up in Colorado but spent summers visiting my grandparents at their sprawling Westchester home. There were woods to explore, a lake to swim in, and many cousins for companions. Years later, when... Read more »

Trail & Tunnel Notes… From the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct

If you want to delve further into the history of the Old Croton Aqueduct, which lies just below the trail that winds through these river towns, head to a new exhibit that opened... Read more »

Ossining Resident Appointed Executive Director of New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

The New York – New Jersey Trail Conference has named Joshua Howard as their new Executive Director. Howard is an Ossining resident. Howard joined the Trail Conference in 2002 in the position... Read more »

The Road to College – Application Deadline Tips for Success 

On the Road to College, one significant waypoint is the college application deadline, or should I say, the many deadlines. Students now must contend with 6 different deadlines: Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, Early... Read more »