Journaling: The Roses Await

You may recall, depending how many rings encircle your trunk, an irreverent prime-time “news” program titled “That Was the Week That Was.” Also known by its shorthand of  TW3, the NBC version... Read more »

2021 Admissions Cycle Trends – Key Takeaways

The 2020-2021 college admissions cycle was the most disruptive of any year in recent memory due to factors ranging from COVID-era learning disruptions and test-optional trends, to modified AP exams and limited... Read more »

Summer Fun that Prepares Students for Fall

Do you think your child has learned enough academically during the past year? If you’re unsure, you’re not alone. With plans to return to normalcy planned, what can we do this summer... Read more »

Running Away from Office

We were beginning to wonder, What’s going on?   Then, just as April was passing the baton to May, word arrived that yes, indeed, there will be a two-party election in Peekskill this year.  The what’s-going-on part simply... Read more »

Road to College: What to Consider When Making a College Decision

Choosing a college is the culmination of many years of hard work on the part of the student and their families. It’s an achievement symbolizing both one’s identity as a student and... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom: Take a Test to Help Your Child

When parents and guardians ask me what to do to help their kids handle the stresses of standardized tests, I tell them the first step is not to say a word. “Did... Read more »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online College Education

Online education is an obvious trend of both the present and the future. Here are the most significant strengths and weaknesses of online learning. Read more »

The Benefit of Time Management for College Students and Others

Time management is one of the most important things for successful learning. It allows students to complete their college assignments on time, become more productive, and boost their academic performance. If you... Read more »

Conquering the Fear of Rejection

Each year, as my high school juniors step onto the proverbial diving board and prepare to launch headfirst into their college admissions process, something invariably stops them from taking the plunge: Fear!  They... Read more »

Road to College: Selecting a College Major – Where Interests & Skills Intersect

The road to college is a path primarily defined by its destination. While this destination may vary greatly from student to student, the larger objectives of gaining acceptance to a college, completing... Read more »