Journaling: The Heart Facts

Years from now, when football fans can’t quite quickly recall which teams played in the 2023 Super Bowl, what NFL fans and non-fans alike are much more apt to recall […] Read more »

How to Choose and Review an Affordable, Professional & Reliable Writing Service?

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Journaling: Constituents as Customers

Smart customer service is essential to smart business. Three of four business leaders “report a direct link between their customer service and business performance.” That’s courtesy of the 2022 Zendesk […] Read more »

Journaling: Vive la resolucion!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting patiently (if exasperatedly) in a lengthy queue of vehicles moving at a snail’s pace as you exit a highway, when suddenly a […] Read more »

Road to College: Your Guide to College 2023

While on the road to college, it’s important to take time to reflect on student accomplishments and goals. It’s also important to take some time to review college admissions trends – […] Read more »

Journaling: Nothing to Lose

It’s November 2042 and a grade schooler is asking his grandfather, “Is it true people in elections used to do something called ‘lose’?” The wise elder replies, ”Yes, Aegon, that […] Read more »

Journaling: Both Sides Now

What’s a little water between friends and neighbors? The aqua we’re talking about is that shimmering stream that shines its bounty on those fortunate enough to enjoy life on its […] Read more »

Journaling: Word Smiting 

Anybody out there remember The Hustle, a disco-era dance craze? A half-century later, when we say hustle, we mean a job, and it’s preceded by “side.” This is, after all, […] Read more »

Road to College: A Parent’s Role in the College Process – Finding Balance 

Acceptance to a top-choice, best-fitting school is something about which students and parents dream. The application process, on the other hand, could be less enthralling. The deadlines, forms, essays, and […] Read more »

Mothering Mom

When Mom’s legs weakened, she struggled with waning independence. I struggled to accept that the woman who had held my hand when I took my first steps needed help taking […] Read more »