Trail & Tunnel Notes – Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct: Sing Sing Kill Greenway

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride? ‘Ride,’ Pleasure said; ‘Walk,’ Joy replied.”  ― William Henry Davies, Welsh writer and walker  Everyone has favorite spots on the Aqueduct trail, like Irvington’s Octagon House,... Read more »

The Road to College – Second in a Series 

On the road to college, parents and students have much to consider. One question I’m asked quite often is, “When should I start college planning?” The answer: Identify what matters most in... Read more »

A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia – Chapter 3: Let’s Hit the Road!

You’ve traded in your MetroCard for Metro-North and your Uber app for your own set of wheels, so we have a lot to discuss. Whether you’re now commuting to Grand Central for work,... Read more »

Burke Neurological Institute Announces the McDowell Symposium on Stroke Research

Leading Women in Neurology to Deliver Cutting-Edge Scientific Research on Stroke Today, the Burke Neurological Institute is announcing their second annual McDowell Symposium, “Hope for Stroke”. On May 17th, the Burke Neurological... Read more »

Don’t Be Fooled by a TIA – Ignoring Stroke Symptoms can Lead to Major Consequences 

Kathy will never forget that Easter Sunday when she went to pick up her mother for church. Her mom answered the door, all dressed and ready to go, but there was one... Read more »

The Road to College – First in a Series

We have more information than ever at our fingertips and understand so much about this world, and yet being a successful student is still challenging and puzzling. For middle school and high... Read more »

A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia-Chapter 2: A Strange New World: Shopping in the Suburbs

When we last met, you had just arrived in the ‘burbs and we got you busy making friends (Chapter 1: Movin’ on Up!). The next order of business is . . . Shopping! I know you... Read more »
Old Croton Aqueduct Love My Park Day

Trail & Tunnel Notes – Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct “I Love My Park” Day

On May 5, 2012, I began a long effort to make a difference on the 26-mile Westchester section of the Old Croton Aqueduct trail, working on managing invasive plants. Since we are... Read more »

Trail & Tunnel Notes … From the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct 

Let’s look this time at the tunnel half of the equation. After all, if there were no tunnel, there’d be no trail. But first it should be noted that the Old Croton... Read more »

A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia: Chapter 1: Movin’ on Up!

  So here you are… in a house, in the suburbs. You’re still not quite sure how it happened, but somehow, whether it was your job, your partner, or your kids, you were torn from... Read more »