Blog Post 2: Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma – David Janes

On June 29 a small group of amazing individuals from all across the United States came together in solidarity to support research for new medicines to treat multiple myeloma. We also did... Read more »

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma – David Janes

For the past few months I have been training hard for the hike up Mount Washington. More importantly, I have been raising funds to support new treatments and support for those suffering... Read more »

Trail & Tunnel Notes … From the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct: Walks & Tours

As co-head of Walks & Tours for the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct and a docent at the Keeper’s House Visitor Center in Dobbs Ferry, I am frequently asked the same... Read more »

Road to College: The “Dashboard”

On the Road to College, standardized tests occupy much space in the minds of students. While the message I share with my families is to focus on taking difficult classes while being disciplined and... Read more »

A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia Chapter 4: I Love the Nightlife…!  

NYC is the greatest city in the world, with so much to do at any time of day — theater, museums, and restaurants to quell any craving. One of your biggest fears in leaving was... Read more »

Financial Planning Tips for Your College-Bound Student

  Fall classes at universities and colleges will begin in the next couple of months. You might have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew who is ready to spend their semester studying, socializing, and living on their own.... Read more »

Trail & Tunnel Notes – Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct: Sing Sing Kill Greenway

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride? ‘Ride,’ Pleasure said; ‘Walk,’ Joy replied.”  ― William Henry Davies, Welsh writer and walker  Everyone has favorite spots on the Aqueduct trail, like Irvington’s Octagon House,... Read more »

The Road to College – Second in a Series 

On the road to college, parents and students have much to consider. One question I’m asked quite often is, “When should I start college planning?” The answer: Identify what matters most in... Read more »

A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia – Chapter 3: Let’s Hit the Road!

You’ve traded in your MetroCard for Metro-North and your Uber app for your own set of wheels, so we have a lot to discuss. Whether you’re now commuting to Grand Central for work,... Read more »

Burke Neurological Institute Announces the McDowell Symposium on Stroke Research

Leading Women in Neurology to Deliver Cutting-Edge Scientific Research on Stroke Today, the Burke Neurological Institute is announcing their second annual McDowell Symposium, “Hope for Stroke”. On May 17th, the Burke Neurological... Read more »