Wishin’ and Hopin’ – and Helpin’ Others

‘There’s a lot of kids out there who need us’ – Abe Almanza of The Wish House (seen in 1999 as a cancer patient enjoying his own granted wish of […] Read more »

Welcoming Refugees with Open Arms

Resettling refugees anywhere presents challenges, and Open Arms for Refugees is rising to the occasion here in Westchester with its mission of providing comprehensive assistance to a new family every […] Read more »

Briarcliff Pediatric Dentistry is Laser-Focused on Caring for Your Kids Teeth

When it comes to pediatric dentistry, every parent wants the best for their kids. Office visits should be free of fear and full of attentive, compassionate care. When a child […] Read more »

The Road to a Better Route 6 

Anyone who drives Route 6 in Cortlandt between Peekskill and Yorktown has probably experienced the frustration of catching all the red lights and feeling like you’re the victim of some […] Read more »

Cortlandt Supervisor Exhibits a Municipal Taste for Culture 

When Town Supervisor Dr. Richard Becker created the Art in Cortlandt program last year, his goal was to showcase the rich pool of local creative talent in Cortlandt. The concept […] Read more »

Much Ado about ADUs  

If you like your town meetings long and contentious, then you would have loved Tarrytown’s 3+ hour session on Wednesday, February 8th debating a revised Tarrytown law that permits “Accessory […] Read more »

Beware! The Dreaded Emerald Ash Borer 

If you’re noticing an abundance of fallen limbs and tree work in the area lately, that’s because unusually high winds have been wreaking havoc and a tiny invasive insect has […] Read more »

Thank God I’m a Country Boy! 

In 2014, after nearly 20 years in Brooklyn, we decided it was time to start looking for a new home. Back then, there was always a steady exodus to the […] Read more »

Diary of a Poll Worker – My Day as a Midterm Poll Worker

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, the midterm elections in Westchester County felt like an important moment for our county, state and nation. I had the good […] Read more »

Diary of a Poll Worker – Election Day is Nov 8

I registered to be a Westchester poll worker because I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. According to the media, social media, and the house in our neighborhood […] Read more »