Greenburgh’s Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth: A History of The Freemasons in Greenburgh

The motto of the Freemasons is “BROTHERLY LOVE, RELIEF AND TRUTH” accordingly; the Masons have always been committed to both intellectual discovery and public service. The Freemasons have had a […] Read more »

An Unspoken Promise of Redemption: How Hartsdale Got its Name

My name is, followed by your name, is a sentence that every person learns in childhood and eventually most people learn to take great pride in their name and what […] Read more »

Lost History: The Tragedy of Malkasten 

Greenburgh has had many grand estates. Some like the Warburg Estate in Hartsdale, built in 1902, have stood the test of time and are still standing. Other’s like the artist […] Read more »

Greenburgh and the Arts

Greenburgh has a rich artistic culture and history. Below are the stories of a few notable artists who either currently live in Greenburgh, lived here in the past, or were […] Read more »
George Balanchine (1904-1983)

The Intersection of Banking, Ballet and School: Greenburgh’s Warburg Estate

Today, Woodlands Middle/High School’s administration building is located on 475 West Hartsdale Avenue. However this building was once a mansion containing thirty- five rooms. From 1902-1938, this building and eighty […] Read more »

A Small House, an Important Meeting, a Huge Victory: The Story of the Odell House

At 425 Ridge Road in Hartsdale, stands a house which looks unimportant, but which is actually a very important house in the history of the United States. It is on […] Read more »

The Guardians of History: Greenburgh’s Historical Societies

We hope you have enjoyed our Slice of History series thus far as we take preserving the town’s history very seriously and have taken great care to present interesting and […] Read more »

Greenburgh at The Great American Crossroads: Greenburgh’s Civil War Story

The Civil War was arguably our country’s great turning point.  The most common explanation for the Civil War is that it was fought over slavery. Once this explanation is given, […] Read more »

A Different Kind of Rebel: Greenburgh’s Contributions to the Underground Railroad

Not all rebels wave the Confederate Flag. Or do they? That depends on your answer to the question, “What is a rebel?” In answering this question Merriam Webster Dictionary and […] Read more »

Greenburgh’s Hall of Heroes: Ferncliff Cemetery Where Memories Live Forever

Shakespeare had it wrong, the question is not “to be or not to be,” death is inevitable and so at some point we shall all cease to be. The question […] Read more »