Sleepy Hollow’s a Pretty Scary Place

What would Sleepy Hollow be without a Halloween celebration? It would be just like any other town on the spookiest night of the year. No Headless Horseman, no movies about […] Read more »

A Waiting Game in Sleepy Hollow

Waiting to hear from organizations seems to be a lot of what Sleepy Hollow is doing lately. Waiting for a statement from GM, waiting to hear the DEC results for […] Read more »

Print This!

Donna Lo Pinto, owner of Print This!, likes to get the customers exactly what they want. Print This! is starting its 19th year of business. Read more »

Women in Business, Andante Music

Say you have kids. One plays soccer. One plays piano. It’s great to involve your kids in different activities but not so great when their schedules overlap. Read more »

New York School of Esthetics

At The New York School of Esthetics, co-owner,director and New York State agent Deirdre Sheeran says you get the best of both worlds. You receive spa treatments but not at […] Read more »

For Sleepy Hollow — A Beekman Avenue Makeover

Beekman Avenue in Sleepy Hollow is about to get a brand new look. In order to promote business, the Sleepy Hollow Downtown Revitalization Corporation, a nonprofit organization, is using grant […] Read more »

Moms, Moms on Motherhood

Benita Maceyak of Tarrytown always planned on being a Mom&#046 From the time she was two years old, her cousin would joke that she was going to be a mother&#046 […] Read more »