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Dear Friends,

Spring has finally sprung at last after a long snowy winter.  I’m feeling much more uplifted after a tough personal loss and I have you to thank for seeing me through such a difficult time.  Just like the warm breeze after the blustering cold, I appreciate all of the support you sent my way. 

There is much exciting news I want to let you know about Studio A Gallery. I have been delighted to have met some amazing and talented artists whom I am excited to exhibit.  Upcoming this Friday, May 20 (Third Friday) from 6 pm to 9 pm, I am having an opening for Mark Jacobson and Brian Arditi. 

Mark, an eye doctor by day, has been painting for 25 years in a realistic manner.  His paintings touched me because from the beginning his work represented a classical, perfect dream.  Within 25 years his work transformed into broken dreams, which is reminicent of what many of us have experienced, including me.  I look at him as a true artist because he paints only for himself, letting his heart pour out onto the canvas.  From his paintings, one can see the true, universal human condition.  Mark has a series of paintings titled “Spirit Machines.”  He describes his work in this way:  “All the paintings are like dreams.  One recurring theme is symbolizing the physical body as machinery, or broken-down buildings, dolls, or statues, pointing to the spirit within us all.”  This is the first time that a good number of his paintings are being shown.

Brian is a young artist who specializes in using flowers as paint.  He uses this ancient medium in a new and unique way to bring you wall canvases, tabletop centerpieces, and jewelry.  By using all natural, hand collected pigments from around the country, Brian has created a way to make the beauty of flowers everlasting. I think you’ll agree these pieces are so visually pleasing.  We are also going to show these pieces at the Tarrytown Street Fair on Sunday, June 5.

To any of my students, if you are available the day or evening of the opening, I am looking for volunteers to help me set up and greet people at the door.

I look forward to seeing you all here.  As always, there will be wine and cheese for you to sample.

Sincerely,  Athena Bing He

(914) 412-2955 or StudioAGallery@gmail.com

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