Until, A Poem by Al RuscioUntil
A Poem by Al Ruscio

A book is just a book, until you read it –
And advice is not so good, until you heed it –
Praise is nothing much, until you earn it –
And trust is meaningless, until you learn it –
A song is not a song, until you sing it –
And a bell is not a bell, until you ring it –
A prize is kind of empty, until you share it –
And a goal is just a plan, until you dare it –
A dream is just a thought, until you reach it –
And to know, is very selfish, until you teach it –
Fame is kinda fun, until you woo it –
And to care is just a word, until you do it –
Love is all alone, until you give it –
And life is nothing real, until you live it –
And death is just a step, until you fear it –
And heaven’s far away, until you near it –


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