Peekskill Democratic Candidates Receive Endorsements from Local Leaders

New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef endorsed Vivian McKenzie for Mayor of Peekskill today, and announced her support for Ramon Fernandez, Dwight Douglas, and Rob Scott for Council. A longtime champion of Peekskill in the state legislature, Galef cited the need for strong, experienced leadership locally to continue the forward progress Peekskill has seen over the last several years.

Meanwhile, LGBTQ+ rights activist Max Micallef has endorsed entire Progress 4 Peekskill progressive Democratic slate of candidates running for Peekskill Mayor & Common Council. Micallef was the Campaign Advisor to former Peekskill Common Council candidate Steve Kollias before Kollias withdrew from the race, and serves on the Advisory Council with organizations including EqualityNY as well as serving as the Public Policy Coordinator with GLSEN Lower Hudson Valley.

“Peekskill is a true success story and growing by leaps and bounds every day, thanks in part to Deputy Mayor Vivian McKenzie’s leadership,” said Assemblywoman Sandy Galef. “Managing that success and the challenges that come with it requires an experienced and strong leader who thoughtfully considers all communities and issues that are impacted by policy making. I believe Vivian McKenzie, with her understanding of budgets, the downtown economy, her experience in building a more diverse workforce, her record on achieving affordable housing opportunities, her knowledge of how development impacts the local school district, and her deep knowledge of all of Peekskill’s residents is the very best choice for Mayor. I proudly endorse her candidacy.”

“Queer rights are human rights and Queer policy is progressive policy,” said Micallef. “Though important to understand at all levels of government, implementing this on the local level is crucial. I am proud to endorse Conor Greene for Mayor, and Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Perlow, and Amy Vele for Common Council. Marginalized people deserve much more than establishment pandering and tokenization. The ‘same as usual’ has only been shown to produce zero substantial results. These true progressives — yes, not just in words — continue to and will bring the change Peekskill residents are owed.”

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