Linda’s Legacy – A Look at the Career of Linda Puglisi

Linda Puglisi says she is determined to make her final year in Cortlandt Town Hall no less memorable than the previous 29, “as I pass the torch to the next Supervisor of this great town.”

Since 1992, there have been seven Mayors of Peekskill, eight Supervisors of Yorktown, and the one and only Linda Puglisinow in her 15th consecutive two-year term as Town oCortlandt Supervisor.   

When Ms. Puglisi announced she would retire at the end of this, her 30th, yearthe editors of River Journal North (RJN) decided such distinguished public service deserved not merely one retrospective, but a year’s worth.  

This serial tribute, dubbed Linda’s Legacy, will run in every monthly issue of RJN in 2021. Each entry will spotlight significant developments and memories in the journey she has shared with the townspeople who have entrusted her watching over them with good governance for three decades. 


When Linda Puglisi was sworn into office Jan. 1, 1992, there had been but one other woman Supervisor in Cortlandt’s history. She won on the strength of her four-year record as a first-term Councilwoman. 

At that time, the Town government shared space with Croton-on-Hudson’s in the Village’s municipal building.  

As a Councilwoman, says Linda, “I was put in charge of negotiating with the Lakeland school district to acquire a vacant school building on six acres that it had put up for sale.”  

And that’s where we will pick up in the February chapter of Linda’s Legacy, as she recounts being the first Supervisor to occupy the new Town Hall. 


  1. Please come to peekskill the sanctuary city too much overcrowding in houses. Too much overcrowding in schools. Everyone’s child that goes to school should pay tax. We could sure use your expertise.

  2. I want to thank Ms Puglisi for everything she’s done for the town of Cortlandt, she’s been a tremendous supervisor and will be missed

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