Paws Crossed Signs On Property

On June 2nd, 2016, Paws Crossed Animal Rescue Inc. signed the closing paperwork for the property and the building of the currently dormant animal shelter located at 100 Warehouse Lane South in Elmsford. Paws Crossed has and will continue to work towards being a tremendous resource and team player for the community of Westchester as well as the world of animal rescue and advocacy.

“We are over the moon! Paws Crossed has so many people to be grateful to but we want to send an extra special thank you to Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and the entire Town Board of Greenburgh. Also, to our relentlessly, passionate lawyer Ivan Kline who has been a steadfast partner to us, never losing sight of the importance of bringing a true no-kill rescue back to Westchester! And of course we are thankful to our community whose support and dedication has enabled us to be where we are today. They are the heart, the soul and the backbone of Paws Crossed, and we love and thank them” says Jennifer Angelucci, President/CEO of Paws Crossed Animal Rescue Inc who, at 24 years old, spearheaded this mission.

With the closing completed… the rebuilding begins! Paws Crossed’s engineers will map out a blueprint of the portions that are deemed immediately safe and operational. The building will be prepared so that those areas can be used while the damaged areas are being renovated, one section at a time. Opening date is anticipated for early to mid July 2016.

When the doors open, Paws Crossed will hit the ground running increasing current programs as well as creating new ones. Programs include: (1) Rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals (2) Specific, tailored programs to help find forever homes for the more difficult to adopt animals such as senior animals (3) A foster program that is extremely important for bottle baby kittens and animals with health issues that need a quiet environment to be nursed to good health (4) Education programs in the rescue and in schools teaching children and adults empathy and proper animal care (5) Classes with professional trainers for animals and owners that need a “little extra help” (6) A community pet pantry and (7) Eventually we plan to start a clinic that had provides low cost spay and neuter and other veterinarian needs. Paws Crossed will continue to expand on their programs as the organization grows and the building is restored.

Paws Crossed has a strong, well organized business/fundraising plan that will continue to combine a variety of events of all sizes, intensive grant writing and communications with individuals, foundations and corporations sharing our mission, purpose and plans. Paws Crossed established a “Monthly Sponsorship Program” earlier this year and recently rolled out a “Sponsor a Kennel” program to promote local businesses at the rescue and in rescue activities and events.

Their next event is a fun and informative wine tasting evening called “Waggin for Wine” on Saturday, June 18th, 2016, from 5:00 – 7:00 at Sam’s of Gedney Way in White Plains. Tickets can be purchased on

Groundwork has started on a Capital Campaign for the restoration of the building by a committee comprised of people with years of previous Campaign experience. The Board of Paws Crossed was purposely established to bring diversified skill sets together to work as a team including Business Management, Development, Marketing and of course, Animal Welfare. Through Paws Crossed’s website and various media outlets, they will be documenting and sharing, thoroughly, each Chapter along the way, for both transparency and posterity sake.

“Having bricks and mortar means Paws Crossed has not only a “home” but a rescue that for years to come will change the lives of so many animals and the people who will care for them. Our work begins with the animals who were temporarily relocated from Westchester to another rescue. Yes, building Paws Crossed took a village, and we know that village had been with us from the start of our new rescue 10 months ago; thank you. To ensure long time viability, we will need the financial support of our community, and in turn, we will build community-based partnerships that are truly meaningful and reflective of our mission to “Rescue One by One Until There are None”, says Leslie Zee, Board Member, Paws Crossed (and rescue mom).

For more on the history of Paws Crossed and this property and ways you can donate, volunteer or adopt, please visit their website at, and on Facebook at

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