Resolutions: Set Goals You Can Achieve 

Eleven year-old Briarcliff resident Leah Avila donating her hair to help others.

New Year’s resolutions are something many set, but few of us achieve. The key to a good resolution is to set attainable goals not unrealistic ones. Here are some attainable suggestions for well-being:  

Mental Health – Set time aside regularly for reflection, and also to spend with those most important to you. Surrounding yourself with a support network of people you trust and love, and also reciprocating that trust and love, will help you advance your sense of peace and happiness. Reducing your stress by picking up mindfulness or meditation, both of which require only a few minutes per day, will also contribute serenity. 

Physical Health – Why join a gym when you can simply increase activity? Take walks with your dog, friends, or family. Set up activities with your children or companions. Start limiting high-sugar and calorie-filled foods, as well as over-processed and fast foods. Trying to balance your diet while still allowing for occasional indulgences is a sound and achievable approach.  

Give Back – Set a goal to clean out your closet or home multiple times a year, and donate what you no longer use to an organization that resonates with you. 

Self-Care – Set aside crazy beauty regimens and try simple changes. Trade drugstore brand beauty supplies for clean, sustainable brands using safe, all-natural ingredients. Spending more time making your body, skin, and hair feel good will help you feel good about yourself.  You may also visit your local family dentistry clinic to get teeth cleaning and teeth whitening treatment services. These are simple changes, but make a huge impact on your physical and mental health.

Family First – Prioritize your closest connections – kids, parents, siblings, roommates. Zoom with those not as close to home. Make sure you spend enough time with the people most important to you. Happy New Year! 

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