Ossining Padres Hispanos: Looking Out for The Latino Community

Ossining Padres Hispanos is a nonprofit organization in the Village of Ossining which has been uniting and assisting the Hispanic communities in the Westchester Area. OPH’s mission is to be an outlet and a resource for the Latino community, but also be a motivator and teacher.

Ana Guzman, founder and executive director, stated, “We encourage them to break the Hispanic stereotype, and push themselves to be something more by learning and educating.” OPH’s goal is for all Hispanics to know, learn and use all the opportunities that are given to them; but to also maintain their roots.

For the past five years Guzman, along with 1,400 volunteers from the community, have provided assistance, programs, and tools for the community. OPH offers several different types of classes including English, citizenship, computer and Home Health Aide; to teach how to care for people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, cognitive impairments and/or age-related issues. OPH is there to help, whether it is to find a job, an apartment, food, clothes and/or furniture. During the COVID-19 pandemic, OPH was up and running, helping and addressing people’s questions and problems any way it could.

Like many nonprofit organizations, OPH is supported by donations and fundraising from the community. Ossining Padres Hispanos also put together and participated in Ossining’s very first Hispanic festivals in 2018 and 2019. Due to the pandemic the festival was put on hold in 2020 and possibly 2021. The festival is a way to shine a spotlight and celebrate the large Hispanic community in Ossining, by educating others, raising money, selling food and enjoying Latin music.

Ossining Padres Hispanos has been an important resource for Ossining’s Hispanic community, and hopes to continue to be a source of help for their community for a long time to come. The organization’s office is at 23-25 Spring St. OPH can be contacted through its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ossiningpadreshispanos).

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