Kendal’s Korner – Kendal on Hudson Donates $18,000

Each year the Residents Association at Kendal on Hudson donates funds to the wider community in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown.  This year $18,000 in total was donated to volunteer Village services and not-for-profit organizations. Two of those recipients were the Sleepy Hollow Volunteer Fire Department and the Sleepy Hollow Volunteer Ambulance Corps. “We want to support these vital services that the Village and our entire community need and we salute the men and women who offer their time twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,” said Penny Brome, Chair of the Kendal on Hudson Residents Council.

Mayor Ken Wray of Sleepy Hollow graciously accepted the donations and said, “The contributions by our friends and neighbors at Kendal on Hudson are greatly appreciated by our volunteers in the Fire Department and Ambulance Corps. The Village recognizes and appreciates the giving nature of Kendal residents.”

The focus this year was to donate to organizations that provide food to those in need. The four programs selected were the Salvation Army of Tarrytown and the Community Opportunity Center for their food bank programs, the YMCA of Tarrytown and the Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center for their children’s meal programs.

The Kendal on Hudson Residents Association collects monies from the residents to support the various committees and activities that are ongoing throughout the year at Kendal.  A not-for-profit entity, the association makes charitable gifts to the larger community.  Since the community opened in May 2005, almost half of the funds collected by the residents each year are donated to support programs and services offered in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown.

Reflecting on Kendal values, residents take responsibility with the larger  community, maintaining mutually supportive relationships and sharing resources and experiences.

In years past, Open Door and Even Start have also received funds from the Residents Association.  “All of these wonderful programs that serve children, seniors and all in the community are so needed and must be sustained. Each of us living at Kendal is part of the river town community and we are happy to acknowledge and support local services and organizations on a yearly basis,” said Brome.

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