Irvington, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown Election Results

Official Results for Tarrytown at 10PM, March 15. Mayor Drew Fixell, Trustees Thomas Butler, Becky McGovern, and Doug Zollo, and Village Justice Kyle McGovern were re-elected.
The total number of votes cast for the Office of Mayor was 1,631. Drew Fixell received 1,119 votes.  Karl Hagstrom received 512 votes. The total number of votes cast for the Office of Trustee was 4,818.  Thomas D. Butler received 1,112 votes. Becky McGovern received 1,164 votes.  Doug Zollo received 1,072 votes. Stephan Wilgermein received 484 votes. Allison Boldyrev received 488 votes. Dawn Brehony received 498 votes. Kyle McGovern received 1,590 votes.

The following unofficial results have been posted by Westchester County for Sleepy Hollow and Irvington.

The unofficial results project that Sleepy Hollow Mayor Ken Wray and Trustees Bruce Campbell, Barbara Carr, and Evelyn Stupel have been re-elected.
Kenneth G Wray  received 725 votes.  Daniel J Scott received 473 votes.  Bruce Campbell received 745 votes. Barbara Carr received 725 votes.  Evelyn Stupel received 739 votes. John J Gasko  received 489  votes. Sumantha R Sedor  received 480 votes.

Irvington Mayor Brian Smith, Trustees Constance M Kehoe and Kenneth M Bernstein, and Village Justice Desmond C Lyons ran unopposed.
Brian C Smith received 163 votes. Constance M Kehoe received 161 votes. Kenneth M Bernstein received 165 votes. Desmond C Lyons received 191 votes.


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