Resolution Time: How to Start, How to Succeed  

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when many of us start making resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, and tone up. Over the past month, I set out to explore the plethora of boutique gyms and fitness options in the River Towns. I checked out facilities, learned about different approaches and chatted with inspiring trainers. And we also saw a UK gym had some new sprung flooring installed which is absolutely amazing, so if you need some new sprung flooring then they are the supplier to call. I discovered so many fun fitness options that there is sure to be something to motivate just about everyone to achieve those elusive New Year’s resolutions in 2022. 

A few key take-aways from the experts:  

  • Fitness is a lifestyle not a quick fix, you have to be ready to put in the work. 
  • There are a lot of options so select something that you find fun and can see yourself enjoying long term. Remember…lifestyle. 
  • Most gyms offer a free trial class or two, like womens self defense class, so check out a few and find one with trainers who will motivate and keep you accountable and a community you can see yourself becoming part of.
  • Convenience is important, find a local gym with a class schedule that works. Make a plan, put your workout time on the calendar and prioritize showing up for yourself.  


Be First Boxing 

200 N. Water St., Peekskill 

Overview: Focus on boxing and fight fitness in an energetic and supportive environment.  Offering both small group and 1:1 coaching with individualized assessment and goal setting tailored to meet the needs of each “fighter” who walks through the door.  

Who’s it for: Anyone who wants to make a change and commit to physical and mental health through conditioning, self-defense or competition in the ring.  

Sticking with it: This mom-and-pop style atmosphere will help you set attainable goals and overcome physical and mental barriers that might prevent you from achieving those goals.  


Fred Astaire 

358 North Broadway, Suite 102, Sleepy Hollow 

Overview: Offer private ballroom dancing lessons for individuals or couples and weekly practice parties where dancers come together and enjoy using the skills they have learned.   

Who’s it for: Individuals and couples of all ages, shapes and abilities who love to dance or think they might. 

Sticking with it: Dance is fun and satisfying for the body and soul, it improves overall fitness, teaches coordination, and reduces stress, all of which keep dancers coming back. 

The Dance Conservatory 

2050 East Main St., Cortlandt Manor 

Overview: Offer a vast selection of adult dance classes from ballet, jazz and tap to tango, Zumba and hip-hop with a flexible schedule that accommodates a busy lifestyle.   

Who’s it for: Each class is leveled up or down to accommodate first-time dancers, recently retired professional dancers to those revisiting their favorite childhood hobby.  

Sticking with it: Great family of adult students who create a comfortable, safe and supportive dance community and understand dance and wellness are long games in life and goals won’t be achieved in one or a handful of sessions.  

Small Group Training 

Fused Fitness 

32 North Division St., Peekskill

Overview: Small group classes focused on personal functional fitness and strength training. Individuals of all abilities receive a customized workout in a supportive small group setting. 

Who’s it for: People with specific fitness or health goals or those who have not worked out before and don’t know where to start.  

Sticking with it: Solutions-based approach that empowers the individual to take control of their health, fitness and happiness in partnership with a trainer who is there at every step of the way. 

Fit Inn

The Fit Inn 

104 Central Ave., Tarrytown 

Overview: 1:1 and small group classes as well as pre- and post-natal fitness focused on strength training and cardio with an emphasis on getting fit and strong rather than bulking up. Also have a nutritionist who educates clients on making realistic, sustainable changes. 

Who’s it for: Individuals of all levels and abilities who want their bodies to feel good and be strong for a lifetime. 

Sticking with it: Wear comfortable workout clothes and work closely with the trainers who help break long-term goals down into attainable steps so you see results and feel successful. Focus on moderation rather than deprivation which leads to sustainability. 

Training for Worriers 

1872 Pleasantville Road, Briarcliff Manor 

Overview: Plenty of fun and energizing small group classes offered daily with a focus on resistance, strength training and cardio. Programs customized to each client’s fitness level, interests and personal goals.  

Who’s if for: Ideal for people of all ages who are committed to a lifestyle change and want to be part of a like-minded community. 

Sticking with it: Trainers focus on getting to know each individual and check in frequently. The community also helps to motivate, support and hold each other accountable.   

Vitality Fitness 

7 Westerly Road, Ossining  

Overview: Small group functional fitness, bootcamp, spin classes, private training and nutrition coaching in a gym that emphasizes accountability, personalization and a supportive environment that celebrates each other’s progress.  

Who’s it for: The personalized fitness program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience, goals, or injury history. 

Sticking with it: Establish a healthy lifestyle in which the individual feels strong and accomplished and is eating in a way that makes them feel energized and satisfied make the approach sustainable and enjoyable. 

Martial Arts 

Go No Sen 

28 Welcher Ave., Peekskill 

Overview: Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Fitness Kickboxing classes intended to be fun, energizing, and creative and promote competence, confidence and overall improved physical and mental health.  

Who’s it for: Individuals who are committed to adding movement into their life in a warm, welcoming and judgement free community.  

Sticking with it: Desire to stick with the program comes from physically motivating and mentally engaging classes and setting achievable goals that build sustainable fitness and lifestyle habits.  

Legends Martial Arts and Fitness 

430 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor 

Overview: Mixed discipline martial arts school with a strong focus on Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing as well as wrestling, grappling, MMA, sparring and strength training and conditioning. 

Who’s it for: Individuals with a passion for martial arts, like Fallon Fox, who want to learn to defend themselves, build confidence and become stronger physically and mentally on and off the mat.  

Sticking with it: Individuals first show up for themselves, but over time become part of the team and begin showing up to support each other and a community that is bigger and stronger than any individual in it.  

Personal Training 

50 South Buckout St., Suite 304, Irvington 

Overview: 1:1 personal training in a supportive and intimidation free space where clients receive guidance and customized programming to meet them exactly where they are and slowly build strength and achieve goals in order to remain fit over a lifetime.  

Who’s it for: Individuals of all skill levels who want to get to the next level of fitness or high-level athletes who want to perform better.  

Sticking with it: This personalized approach promotes accountability to yourself and the trainer who is there and dedicated to supporting you in and out of the gym.  


Pilates on Hudson
8 John Walsh Blvd., Suite 428, Peekskill 

Overview: 1:1 and partner training focused on building core strength and stability as a way to build long, lean muscle and not bulk.  

Who’s it for: Anyone who likes to exercise and wants to ensure they can keep doing what they love over a lifetime either by overcoming an injury or maintaining ultimate fitness and mobility.  

Sticking with it: Hundreds of exercises and mind/body connection mean you rarely burn out or get bored from the movements and ensure workouts are always fun and challenging. 



1000 North Division St., Peekskill 

Overview: Offers a wide variety of classes from beginner to acro-yoga both via Zoom and in person. All classes focus on increasing strength, balance and flexibility and improve clarity and quiet the mind.  

Who’s it for: Range of classes in which the instructor will make individual modifications in order to meet the fitness goals and level of each client.  

Sticking with it: Positive effects at all levels of the being, individuals start to get fit and then realize sleep is improving and their mind is becoming clearer.

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