How Much Time Do Americans Spend on Online Games?


People seem to be spending more and more time playing online games. But exactly how much time do Americans spend gaming on the internet?

How much time do people spend playing online games in the US?

According to a 2021 survey published by Statista, 7.6% of online gamers in the United States play video games less than one hour per week. At the top of the spectrum, only 9.8% of Americans play online games more than twenty hours a week. However, a study published by Limelight Networks in 2021 found the numbers were higher, with 12.8% of Americans spending less than one hour a week playing online games and 11.6% playing over twenty hours per week. The report is based on responses from 4,500 adults from nine countries who play video games at least once a week. The Limelight Networks report also shows:

  • 19.8% of Americans spend one to two hours a week playing online video games.
  • 14.6% spend two to four hours a week.
  • 18.6% spend four to seven hours a week.
  • 11.2% spend seven to twelve hours a week.
  • 11.4% spend twelve to twenty hours a week.

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Do Americans spend more or less time playing online games compared with other countries?

Let us use the report from Limelight Networks to see how the US compares with other countries when it comes to the amount of time spent playing online video games. Out of the nine countries that took part in the Limelight Networks survey, people in the United States spent the second-most amount of time playing online games each week. Gamers like the fun they get at The other countries that were included in the survey were: Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. The report shows the average number of hours spent playing online games each week in the US is 7.61%. The average figures for the other countries are as follows:

  • The United Kingdom: 6.67%
  • South Korea: 6.69%
  • Italy: 6.79%
  • Japan: 6.88%
  • India: 6.92%
  • France: 6.96%
  • Singapore: 7.44%
  • Germany: 7.98%

Global Aspiring Professional Gamers Spend the Most Time Gaming

Looking at the global figures of the Limelight Networks report, it is clear that, unsurprisingly, aspiring professional gamers spend the most amount of time playing online video games. Almost a quarter of aspiring professionals, at 24.4%, play over twenty hours of online games every week. On the other hand, those that consider themselves to be novices spend less than four hours per week; and a third of those play for less than one hour. South Korea has the most aspiring professionals, with 9.8% of those surveyed. In the United States, the figure is only 2.0%.

Other global statistics of interest from the Limelight Networks report include:

  • Gamers play for 1 hour 22 minutes at a time on average.
  • Playing time has increased by 19.3% in the space of a year.
  • The most preferred types of online video games are casual single-player games like the ones available at 918kiss original.
  • 36% of the gamers surveyed said they would quit their jobs if they were able to support themselves as professional gamers.
  • More than a third of those surveyed said they had missed a meal due to being absorbed in gaming!

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