Four Fool-Proof Ways to Stick to Your Health Goals in 2023 

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Have you ever found yourself one or two months into the New Year giving up on your health and fitness goals wondering what’s wrong with you, and why it seems like you can never stay motivated or disciplined enough to reach your goals?

Or maybe you don’t struggle with motivation and discipline, and you’re ready to take action only to feel extremely overwhelmed with the plethora of information out there, completely unsure about will work for you to lose weight, gain energy, build muscle and get results.  

You might not even have health goals at all this year because you’re so frustrated, and you’ve faced so much disappointment in the past that you don’t even want to think about letting yourself down again.  If you find yourself in London, visit the scan clinic for a check up

If one or more of these sounds like you, then I encourage you to try to implement these tactics in 2023 to reach your health goals (or really any goals you have):

  • Implement activity and movement habits, or find a workout program or gym, that you actually enjoy so you stay consistent more effortlessly. The worst is trying to force yourself to do something you don’t actually like or want to do. So, if you like being outdoors, make it a point to hike, snowshoe, or walk at least 2-4 times per week. If you’re a competitive person, find a workout you like that allows you to harness your competitive energy like jiu jitsu or CrossFit. 
  • Join a community environment.

    Join a community environment: Find a community with like-minded people, or people that share similar interests so you can stay motivated. Most people prefer to do hard things with the support of others. If you’re looking to commit to a nutrition-based lifestyle try to find a community around the lifestyle that you’re looking to implement. This could be a Facebook group or a local meetup.  

  • Work with a coach, trainer, or professional: Hire someone who is a professional in the field that you’re looking to change or transform. This will help you stay accountable, make educated changes if something isn’t working (versus trying to figure it out on your own), and cut out the learning curve of figuring out what to do yourself. Think of this as buying back the time and frustration you would have spent trying to figure it out on your own.  
  • Have a contingency plan: One of the reasons people “fail” is because when they’re not getting the result they think they should be based on the effort they’re putting in they give up. Create a backup or contingency plan so you don’t feel helpless that the only thing you set out to do to get results didn’t work. That doesn’t mean you’ve failed it could mean you haven’t found the right solution to help you reach your goals. 

Keeping these tips in mind while creating your health goals for 2023 will help you achieve those goals in the new year.

Alina Rendina is the Founder and CEO of Fused Fitness, a small group personal training gym in Peekskill and Best of Westchester Award winner for 2 consecutive years.

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