Hank’s Alley Relocates

At seventy-six years of age, Hank Bucci is the epitome of an active man who truly enjoys his work, as evidenced by the eclectic array of antiques and high quality used furniture in his new building at 24 Kaldenburg Place in Tarrytown.


Hank and Nancy Bucci

Bucci bought the building from the Village of Tarrytown after Washington Engine moved into their new firehouse on Route 119. The brick façade building, around the corner from Tarrytown’s Music Hall, is the perfect location and has just the right ambience for Bucci’s collection.

His father, Natale Bucci, started the Red Door and ran the collectibles and used furniture business for thirty-five years. The Red Door was on Beekman Avenue in North Tarrytown and Hank can remember working with his father and hearing a saying that remains with him to this day. “A quick dollar is better than a slow ten,” Bucci said, reminiscing about Natale.

Hank Bucci and his wife, Nancy, have seven children and twenty grandchildren. Bucci refers to his wife (who handles the bric-a-brac) as the backbone of the business and adds that his sister, Janet Falasca, provides great ideas and creativity in displaying his collection. His son, Gary, a contractor, and his nephew, Roger, saved him a great deal of money in getting the new location up and running. He also cites former mayor Paul Janos as having helped him acquire the building.

“I want everyone to know that we are still buying and selling quality antiques and used furniture. We have everything from A to Z and will be open from Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 5 pm,” he said. “I love this business and it gives me something to do,” he added. From the looks of the array of collectibles and used furniture, Hank’s Alley is definitely worth visiting.

Hank’s Alley can be reached days at (914) 524-9895 or evenings at (914) 631-0828.

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