Local Artist Does Her Mouse-Size Part to Promote Peace

Did you know that when a male mouse is seeking a mate he sings an ultrasonic love song? How cool is that?

Through the end of March at the Greenburgh Nature Center, you can experience “Mice Around the Seasons,” Jill Liflander‘s newest Mice For Peace art show and, you can learn fantastic facts about mice too.

Jill Liflander, multimedia artist and educator, has created a body of work centered around peaceful, kind, and ecologically harmonious mice. Jill’s illustrations are bright and colorful, incredibly intricate, and fun for all ages. With upbeat and heartfelt images, “Mice Around the Seasons” encourages us all to do our mouse-sized part to make the world a more loving and compassionate place.

Local musician Paul Griffin and friends composed inspiring, magical music to accompany the mouse-y viewing experience: bit.ly/Mousemusic

You can see many of Jill’s images and read stories about the artwork at miceforpeace.com.

All images by Jill Liflander.

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