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Lia Gullotta.

175 Main Street
Lia Gullotta: @inkedbylia   

Ossining native, Lia Gullotta was always interested in art. From an early age she describes it as her therapy and escape and a constant in her life that gave her a deep sense of purpose. Lia’s passion for art led her to the Fashion Institute of Technology with a focus on textile design. In 2020, Lia found herself back in Ossining when her school went remote due to Covid. Struggling with confidence and looking for direction during the early days of the pandemic, Lia began creating exquisite hand painted designs on the nails of her friends. Impressed with her skill, a friend suggested she get into tattooing. Lia describes that having just this one person believe in her gave her the courage she needed to take the leap.  

Lia purchased her first set of equipment on Amazon, researched guidelines and technique online, and began practicing on herself. Others began to take notice and got in line to have her create personalized masterpieces. Lia’s background in art gave her a strong foundation and textile design provided her familiarity with cultural designs and motifs, but she knew she needed to become more skilled with the equipment. Before diving in much further, Lia realized a little formal training was in order, so she reached out to the artists at Capio in Ossining, who offered her an apprenticeship. Lia describes Angel “lito” Onofre, Mark Pation, and Night One, as great guides and mentors and she became part of a talented family willing to support one another and grow through collaboration in a positive, professional, and creative atmosphere. Capio has built a following of enthusiastic River Town residents who trust these artists to create beautiful works of art.  

Iron Health.

Iron Health
Ardsley: 15 Center St #1
Briarcliff Manor: 515 North State Rd,
Peekskill: 939 Central Ave 

Like many young athletes, Joe Rendina experienced injuries early in life, tearing his ACL in high school. He remembers vividly the unpleasant experiences of dealing with surgeons and their poor bedside manner but attributes his return to the football field to the amazing experience he had working with a physical therapist. Joe credits this individual as his impetus to go into the field himself. Joe attended the PT program at Pace and fell in love with the River Towns during his time there. After graduating he stayed in the area and worked for several companies but was not thrilled with the quality of services they provided. In 2017 he started his own practice in a tiny space with a single table, determined to offer a higher quality of care through individualized and customized work all done directly with the doctor. Word of his skilled interventions, quality bedside manner, and results spread quickly. And in just a few short years three Iron Health offices opened in Ardsley, Briarcliff Manor, and Peekskill 

This spring both the Briarcliff and Peekskill offices are going through expansions which will enable them to integrate physical and mental health through a multi model approach including acupuncture, personal training, sensory deprivation tanks, inferred saunas, juice bar, IV drip and spa. These services work separately or together to optimize health and lead to improved quality of life and longevity.   

ThePod storefront.


11 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry  

ThePod by CocoaCompassion is a newly opened chocolate shop in Dobbs Ferry. Founder, Joy Thaler’s vision for the shop is to use chocolate as a vehicle for local and global social change and consciousness raising. Through focusing on ethically and sustainably sourced products, direct from origin and “Giving Back with Every Bite,” 20% of all profits are donated to social emotional and mental wellness programming: 10% locally and 10% in cacao growing regions, Joy is bringing this vision to life.  

In addition to being a chocolate marketplace, ThePod is also a progressive space that serves as an art gallery, community gathering place, and small event space. The Pod Gallery features artists who use art as a tool to manage and support their own mental health and wellness goals.  

Thaler explains that the cacao industry has a bittersweet past which often devalues those who produce and process the cacao at-origin. Her goal is not only to make delicious products that shift that paradigm, but also to use the story and process of chocolate production to help us examine ourselves on a deeper level and to help us recognize that everyone can do a bit of good through the choices we make and living in a caring and compassionate way. Even taking a small step, a small action can have an impact and step by step the impact grows. ThePod provides a space and opportunity to do just that. 

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