Croton Knights of Columbus Honor Volunteers and Service Professionals

The Knights of Columbus hosted a ceremony in Vassallo Park on September 9th to honor and express appreciation for the service and sacrifice of the volunteers and Service Professionals that make up our Police Department, Fire Service, Medical Services, Schools and Department of Public Works.

Each year the Knights acknowledge an individual in our community as the “Person of the Year”.  Like so many other things this got put on hold during Covid.  This year the Knights choose these amazing organizations and individuals not just for their work every day but particularly for how they have all served and the sacrifices they have made during the Covid Pandemic.

The Knights acknowledge that there are other worthy professionals and volunteers that deserve recognition for their work and sacrifice that we have not specifically included today.  Our social workers and mental health professionals, delivery workers, our clergy our shop workers to name a few all deserve special recognition.  For many the challenges they face will only increase as we transition to a post pandemic world.

While many of us were fortunate enough to work from home, discover Zoom and sprayed down the Amazon delivery boxes our DPW took away all those discard packages and ensured we continued to have clean water and clean streets.  Our Police, Fire and EMS teams responded to emergency and non-emergency calls without fear or favor and our education teams transitioned to remote learning without any preparation on how to do so all while being concerned about and trying to protect their own families.

Our appreciation extends to members of our community who serve on NYPD, the Sheriff’s Office and other areas of law enforcement, the New York Fire Department or other local Fire Services, medical professionals, nurses, doctors, teachers who live here in our community but serve throughout the local area.

A plaque and memory book were presented to each of the groups honored.  The ceremony closed with a Blessing.  We thank you for bringing us all together in unity to acknowledge the contributions of many of our brave, virtuous community members.

We Pray for all of those here and absent, and particularly on this weekend, especially remember those who sacrificed their lives and perished in 911 and their families; that all can continue to heal, grow and strengthen in unity, in order to work to continue to benefit others and do great things.

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