Beyond Words at Hen Hud Free Library: Passports 

Getting ready to travel in 2022? Need a U.S. Passport? We have friendly, trained agents that can accept your application and even take your passport picture. This service is available by appointment during the week and at special Passport Days held on Saturdays throughout the year. If you missed March Passport Day, the next one is June 18. Book it now!  

If you are applying for the first time, have an existing passport that is more than 15 years old, are changing from a minor to an adult, or need passports for children under the age of 17, we can help to get a passport fast.  

For questions or to make an appointment, call the library at (914) 739-5654. Or visit for more on passport services and special Passport Days. Hen Hud Free Library goes way Beyond Words!

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