Antonia Arts, Inc. Rings in 2024 with Big Plans Ahead

Cast and Crew of December 2023 “Home for the Holidays”. Photo: Chloe Wareham-Gordon

On December 28, 2023, Antonia Arts’ had it’s 3rd Annual “Home for the Holidays” show at The Artist Spot in downtown Peekskill.  The Artist Spot is the home-base for Antonia Arts, Inc. and is located at 925 South Street.

The theme of the “Home for the Holidays” show includes a celebration of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diversity, and “The Nutcracker.

“The idea is that everyone celebrates the holidays with their own rituals, and I wanted to celebrate that diversity,” says Scarlett Antonia.

As for the “Nutcracker” contingent of the show, Scarlett Antonia has been involved in the professional world of ballet and “The Nutcracker” all her life, whether it be dancing, directing, or choreographing.  Now Antonia incorporates her days of dance into the theme of the “Home for the Holidays” show by including scenes from, “The Nutcracker.

“The “Home” in Home for the Holidays is because well, people come home for the holidays, and Antonia considers The Artist Spot to be her true home and a home for many that have a love for the creative and performing arts.

“People that come here are family,” says Antonia.  The theme of “Home” also has a strong connection to “The Wizard of Oz,” which Antonia has always been passionate about.  In fact, this summer will be her 4th Annual “Oz Land Festival”, held in downtown Peekskill.  The Oz Land Festival includes a full day of live musical and theatrical performances by youth and adults, including Antonia’s youth performance troupe, “The Wiz Kidz.” It also includes street vendors and folks dressed in costume, to honor and celebrate the “Great American Fairy Tale.”

For 2024, Antonia is working on mainstage productions and the development of a theater company entitled, “The Victory Theater Company.”

Antonia’s New Year’s resolution is to spread peace, love, joy, and happiness; with the creative and performing arts being a metaphor for life.


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