Sweetgrass Grill

Sweetgrass Grill, located on Main Street in Tarrytown, opened its doors Friday, April 17, for dinner.

The owners, David Starkey and Theresa McCarthy, say Tarrytown is the best location for a restaurant.


Theresa McCarthy, co-owner, head chef Tommy Lasley, and David Starkey, co-owner.

"We knew Paul, the previous owner, was nearing the end of his interest in running a restaurant and we approached him," said Starkey.

Tommy Lasley, the head chef, said Starkey had ideas for the general theme of the menu rather than actual items. There were a few months of discussions and what evolved was a seasonal menu.

"We’re trying to focus on getting most of our ingredients from the Hudson Valley when available," said Lasley. "We have to out-source from other areas but we’ve taken the time and effort to source food from vendors that we know."

All animals are treated ethically and all seafood is sustainably raised with the added benefit of not being a detriment to the environment. "We’ve taken the time so when we serve the food, we can feel proud that we know where it came from," said Lasley. "We know how the animals were treated, how the vegetables were raised, how the seafood was harvested and we can feel proud about giving it to customers, so they, in turn, can feel good about eating it. There’s goodwill the entire way."

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