Happenings at Harvest-on-Hudson

Never let it be said that partners Angelo Liberatore and Bruce Bernacchia don’t know how to throw a party and make everyone wonderfully glad they attended.

imagesOn Columbus Day they held the annual “Wine Crush Party” to celebrate their Italian heritage and to raise money for St. John’s hospital in Yonkers. Bernacchia owes a debt of gratitude to the Hospital who helped him recover from a life threatening illness not too many years ago. Their Hastings on Hudson waterfront restaurant, Harvest-on-Hudson, raised over $17,000 from the party, all of which found its way to St. John’s.

To follow up with the festive atmosphere which both men thrive on and excitedly share with others, they recently hosted another party for friends and staff, and the warm sunshine-filled day was the perfect setting for their culinary offerings, along with great entertainment and homemade wine. Harvest-on-Hudson, for those who have never visited, is like entering a Mediterranean villa. The fare is Mediterranean cuisine and the comfortable and celebratory nature of Italy is apparent throughout the grounds and inside the large and open dining room. Views of the Hudson River only enhance the dining experience. According to Angelo Liberatore, “Taking time to enjoy good food and wine is what life is about.” Not many would disagree with him.

For further information call 914-478-2800 or visit www. harvest2000.com.

Buon Appetito.

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