Croton Brothers Help New Flag Fly Like an Eagle

Eagle Scout brothers Daniel (l) and Ivan Federov of Croton-on-Hudson carry a crisp new American flag to be hoisted at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church.

Croton-on-Hudson brothers Daniel Federov and Ivan Federov, both Eagle Scouts, participated in a solemn and celebratory flag-raising ceremony on June 13 at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Yonkers, whose parishioners come from all over Westchester.

Since the parish’s beginning in 1899, an American flag is the only national flag that has flown over Holy Trinity’s property.

The flag flying there had grown badly weathered by harsh winters and a pesky tree branch. To remedy the situation, Holy Trinity held the flag-raising ceremony.


Parishioners gathered around the flagpole, while two sons of the parish and military veterans, Michael Adamovich of Putnam Valley (U.S. Army and Vice-President of the Parish Council) and William Bolinsky of Yonkers (U.S. Navy and Acolyte for Holy Trinity) lowered the weathered flag, which will be given to a Veterans group for a respectful disposal.

To fulfill one of the requirements for Eagle status, Daniel Federov constructed the storage closets for Holy Trinity’s new social hall. Earlier in the day, Father Vlad presented Daniel with an icon in gratitude for a job well done.

As the Scouts were raising the new flag, all those in attendance joined in singing The Star-Spangled Banner.

Dasha Piwinski is Recording Secretary of Parish Council of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church. She relocated to Mohegan Lake from Yonkers in 2020.

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