What Goes Around Comes Around at Todd Elementary

Lights, camera, action!

Todd Elementary School fifth graders have been creating movies with the theme of “kindness” in mindfulness class with school counselor Gillian O’Connell.

Students in all five classes have been working on movies, which they wrote together in class, depicting kindness as a “kindness boomerang,” where one act of kindness can lead to a chain of many other acts of kindness.

Recently, students in Erin Wilson’s class filmed their video in segments at the K-2 playground.

“One of the students, Holden, will edit the movie on iMovie and add his own music, which he created on GarageBand,” Ms. O’Connell said.

The plot of he movie begins with a girl falling off the zip line in the playground. A boy helps her up and this starts a chain of other random acts of kindness: the girl who fell sees another girl who has lost her glasses and helps her find her glasses. That girl continues to do an act of kindness of her own with another person and eventually, after several additional acts of kindness, the boy, who in the first scene helped the girl who fell down, gets a bottle of water from someone – so everything comes full circle.

“I was inspired by a video that I saw on YouTube,” Ms. O’Connell said. “I hope the students realize that when you do small acts of kindness and pay it forward, kindness comes back to you. I think this has been a really fun experience for them.”

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